100 Heads for Haiti
posted: April 5, 2010
One more post for the show & sale of - 100 Heads for Haiti

Once again, my contribution to the Haiti benefit show "100 Heads for Haiti" that Dave Plunkert at SPUR Design has organized to benefit Doctors Without Borders
GOAL: $10,000
Original Art and a Group Poster print will be sold at the gallery, pieces will be sold on a first come, first serve basis. The remaining pieces & posters that do not sell at the gallery event will be available for purchase online for one month after the opening.
Original Art: $100 (plus tax) Two piece maximum per customer.
Group Poster: $50 (plus tax)
Leo Espinosa April 5, 2010
Beautifully "sculpted", Doug. I feel like touching those cheekbones and the angular forehead.
Victor Juhasz April 5, 2010
One of my favorites from what I've seen. Beautiful.
Chris Pitzer April 7, 2010
You knew that Dave and I went to the same school, right? He's a good guy. Great studio, too. Sad I can't make it to the opening.
Jody Hewgill April 8, 2010
Bold, beautiful and fabulous Doug ! Dang, I wish I were going to the show too. It's too bad these aren't been auctioned, I'm sure they would sell for more than $100. all to raise funds for a great cause.
Chris Buzelli April 11, 2010
Doug! Your piece was one of my favorites in the show yesterday. Too bad a red dot was on it before the show even opened or within minutes of the opening. Really pissed a bunch of people off who had the same dream of owning your piece.
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