posted: November 17, 2011
For Motor Trend Classic; how Ford almost owned Ferrari....

For Motor Trend Classic; the new minis are less british....

Motor Trend - Hyundai's overtaking of Honda. 1st version....

Requested simplified 2nd version. Okay yeah, but I'm still digging the first....

Roughly quarter page art for editorials in the front of the magazine. Art Director; Mike Royer at Motor Trend.
Mark McBride November 18, 2011
I don't rap but there's more tone in the chrome on the first one. I dig it too Doug. Those Minis are good on gas too so I hear but a little too expensive for me. Like the motion on that brush. Something I would like to develop in my work as well. They all look good Doug. Great Work.
Douglas Fraser November 18, 2011
Mark, thanks for dropping in. Have a great Thanksgiving. And I second your thoughts about those Minis.
Dale Stephanos November 18, 2011
I love these Doug. In high school I had a VW bug. I mashed up the VW logo with a BMW logo and had lots of requests for that. Cool stuff.
Chris Spollen November 19, 2011
very nice
Douglas Fraser November 19, 2011
Dale, sounds like uber alles sans Benz. Chris, and thank you!
Jim Paillot November 28, 2011
Love these, Doug. That "minis are less British" piece kicks it.
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