posted: December 12, 2011
Last July, while out running errands on my motorcycle, I pulled over to take a break. I stopped near a venue with a lot of cement, and spray painted surfaces. Of course being just off a main highway, and with a couple of fast food establishments near by there were the ubiquitous paper cups about. The day was beautifully warm with a modest amount of humidity. The light was strong, but the shadows were not black. The grass in the field near by had burnt off to it's summer gold from the green of spring. I know that garbage as a subject is not new, but hell this cup looked good. No, it was not my cup, I took my trash with me.
Base sketch developed from reference....

Paper Cup - oils on panel - 19.5 by 10.5 inches...

Victor Juhasz December 12, 2011
The exaggeration of scale makes for a nice double take effect. The composition, light and dark and colors are all solid choices.
Adam McCauley December 12, 2011
Amazing color and quality of light. Love this, Doug.
Douglas Fraser December 12, 2011
Victor, interesting to read your reaction. I like that it makes you take a double take. I wanted to push the subject's context in some direction. The wall itself was quite low, something of a curb wall. I did increase the size of the cup to degree, but not hugely. I also squeeze the perspective on the wall. It seemed every vertical surface of the place had been tagged. Thanks for you thoughts. Adam, color & shadow were definitely motivators in it for me. Thanks as well.
Alan Witschonke December 13, 2011
Beautiful colors, and I like that the cup is smack dab in the middle.
Jim Paillot December 13, 2011
Nice sense of atmosphere and color on this piece. I dig the complicated patterns within a fairly simple, bold composition. Like the foreground hues a lot.
Douglas Fraser December 13, 2011
Alan, and Jim, I keep learning more about what I want out of painting when I do these. It's interesting as an illustrator the time to just look has become so precious. Many illustration assignments have just been about speed in execution. No time for mistakes. Concept is king. No time for experimentation, or mistakes. Yet it's through mistakes any growth is made. I'm not talking about the mistakes that can go away with key commands. Some mistakes only initially look that way at first, but with time can be seen as a new perspective. This is growth.
harry December 14, 2011
Digging your paintings Doug. Really nice to see them on double page spreads in AI. Great work.
Mark Fisher December 14, 2011
All the above and the static cup against the active background.
Richard Downs December 15, 2011
I also like the distortion of scale in this piece, the cup at first glance could be the size of a Vespa. Nice piece, Doug.
Dana MacKenzie December 16, 2011
Awesome piece! The contrast between the rural and urban elements really says a lot. A terrific juxtaposition of the simplicity of nature and the complexity of mankind (including his addiction to consumerism, via the discarded cup) ... or perhaps I'm just reading too much into the piece ;-) Love it!
Mark McBride December 16, 2011
And hell if the trash looks that good on a panel, I'd take with me too every time. Double the thumbs up for this one Doug!
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