Moving Up
posted: January 19, 2012
Well one of my oldest illustration clients are doing a big move. Rothman’s Men’s Clothing, which has anchored the northeast corner of Manhattan’s Union Square for 25 years, is moving to a larger space a block away on Park Avenue and 18th Street. The new space, at 222 Park Avenue South. Rothman’s was founded in 1926 by Harry Rothman. Ken and Jim Giddon, his grandchildren, took over in 1986. Rothman’s also operates a location in Scarsdale, NY. I've been working with Ken Giddon at Rothmans for roughly fifteen years.

Rothmans NYC - Moving - oils on paper...

Rothmans NYC - Climb - oils on paper...

David Flaherty January 19, 2012
Love that moving image Doug! I've seen these images/ads for years! I even went into the store once, don't recall if I got a suit or not.
Mark Fisher January 19, 2012
Let Godzilla come, we got the Rothman Giant to protect us! Nice to have a constant and loyal client, nice stuff Doug.
Randy Jones January 20, 2012
I bought a British cap for my father at Rothman's.I sent it to Canada as a Christmas present. It's a good store.
Victor Juhasz January 20, 2012
You keep nailing them, Doug. Great images.
Paul Rogers January 20, 2012
How about a Rothman's retrospective?
Gary Taxali January 21, 2012
Doug, I first saw your work in person many years ago at a show your rep, Link, put together at a gallery on Queen Street (the Partisan Galley, I believe) when I was just a student. I couldn't stop staring at your work in awe and I have to say, still feel the same way every time I see new work! You inspired me to paint with alkyds. Those blacks, I just love them and their bold graphic shapes. They gave me the inspiration to in my own work! I love the soft, brush work on their edges. Amazing pieces, Doug!
Mark McBride January 23, 2012
Can't stop loving this style. While your gallery work is impressive, its this style I like the most. In fact this is where I first saw your work. It was the guy helping in front of Grand Central moving the snow. The Moving is my favorite.
Kimberland January 24, 2012
LOVE the echo of the moving man in the pedestrian sign!
Jim Paillot January 25, 2012
Love these, Doug. "Climb" is especially amazing - the layout, colors - just terrific.
Jody Hewgill January 31, 2012
Those buildings are just gorgeous. Your blacks shadows have such depth. I don't know how you achieve that, it's magical.
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