Workin' Joe
posted: May 21, 2012
Last week Joe Heroun of The New Republic emailed, and asking if I was up for a cover assignment. Working with Joe has been a great pleasure of mine. He requested a vector execution of subject matter that I've traditionally handled with oils. That subject being the worker, or blue collar person. Strangely I've not done too many blue collars on workers, hmmm…. Well, anyhow, I've enjoyed Joe's direction in past as it's gotten me delving into thoughts(visual ideas) I've wanted to pursue. The cover of the issue is the pivotal battle for the state of Ohio between the Republicans & Democrats. Now elephants & mules are staples of the editorial genre, so I focused on the opportunity to push the graphic vector nature of the medium per Joe's request for my vector work. Joe & I ended up agreeing on going with a white background which contributes to the clean look of the cover. In executing the cover I went two directions for my influences, one being back to my typography classes, and the interaction between letter forms(pre-software). The other direction was forward with influence from my recent gallery work done in paint, while dealing with a subject I'd worked with in past. In the final, Joe & I created a cover I'm pleased with. As an illustrator I am still respectfully of the printed article being the work of art. It's the cover of the current issue, thanks Joe Heroun.
One of three sketches submitted, and the one picked....

Illustration sans type - Battle for the Workin' Joe's vote....

Workin' Joe detail...

Victor Juhasz May 21, 2012
Wow, Doug, that's a great cover. The composition is so solid. You are a master at blending abstraction with the representational.
sock May 22, 2012
rock solid
Marc May 22, 2012
Great work, Doug. A perfect example of concept wedded to the right style.
Paul Rogers May 22, 2012
That's a great cover. Classic Fraser.
Gary Taxali May 22, 2012
Wow, Doug! Kudos to the AD for commissioning the perfect illustrator for the perfect cover.
Richard Downs May 22, 2012
Noah Woods May 22, 2012
Stunning and heroic cover, Doug! Totally agree, Joe is awesome to work with.
Walter Vasconcelos May 22, 2012
Strong cover, 100% Doug Fraser!
Robert Neubecker May 22, 2012
Great stuff.
Jody Hewgill May 24, 2012
Great cover Doug. Your style is instantly recognizable and distinctive in any medium you choose to work with.
Mark McBride June 2, 2012
Sorry I am late Doug, been doing some of my own illustrations with a blue collar worker. This looks really good, in the end I guess the little guy always gets caught in the middle of it.
Arlene (Crighton) Robertson May 18, 2014
Great cover and true FRASER style.
Douglas Fraser May 19, 2014
Arlene, Wow, great to have you drop in! A voice from the old hood! Thanks.
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