Ties & Trees
posted: May 4, 2015
While driving through the southern interior of British Columbia last summer I noticed an unusual type of machinery parked off the side of the highway. The day was overcast with light showers, and the result was that the colours in the landscape all seemed heightened. The machinery was a combination of an open top boxcar with what looked like an excavator grafted on top. I pulled over and trudged back through the wet grass, and took some photos. From what I'd gather, it was machinery for removing old railway ties. The old ties are stacked at certain points, then lifted up into the boxcars. The tags on the sides were a record of urban stops, now parked out in a forested mountain valley.
Moving Ties - oils on panel, 42 x 14 inches...

Moving Ties - detail...

Another trip had me looking at a tree that extended over the road in a very sculptural way. The road was a sleeping secondary one out on Vancouver Island. It was a three way intersection that seemed almost forgotten. I explored a looser approach in painting this one.
Three Way - oils on panel, 20 x 15 inches...

I'll be showing some paintings this June in Calgary, Alberta. The show opens June 6th at the Midtowne Gallery. For those in the area I hope you can make it.
Mark McBride May 4, 2015
Really diggin the Moving Ties Doug. My eyes are going crazy right now! I love how the yellow piece of construction equipment looks off the blue. You ever considered getting into graffiti:-)
Douglas Fraser May 4, 2015
Mark, it's the relationship of graffiti to it's surroundings that usually draws me in. As for making graffiti, well that would be some heavy lifting......... still never say never.
Paul Rogers May 4, 2015
These are both beautiful, Doug.
THIBEAULT May 4, 2015
Masterfully Nice combination of abstraction and realism.
Chris Spollen May 5, 2015
Beautiful abstraction’s drawn from every day life. Lovely
Jim Paillot May 5, 2015
These are great. I love the push and pull of detailed vs. simplified.
Nick Wright May 5, 2015
Man oh man Doug, just awesome!
Marc May 6, 2015
I've always thought of painting in sculptural terms, and your work has a wonderful 3-D quality mixed with the graphic nature of a flat surface. Wish I could make the show.
john h howard May 7, 2015
Haven't been on for a bit and what a pleasure to see what you're doing- a long, long way from Literary Cavalcade!
Victor Juhasz May 12, 2015
Would love to see these paintings up close. "Three Way" is a gem of painting as sculpture. I'm with Marc on the 3-D element. Super.
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