Back of My Studio
posted: January 2, 2009
Outside of my illustration assignments I've been doing some personal directed painting. I feel as though I'm working back, and forward to a point in my past when art was about the process, not a paycheck. I've gotten some thoughts, and still working on more. Small post.
Barricade Painting - oil on canvas - 50"x24"...
Barricade - closer view...
Maudlin Bough - oil on canvas - 24"x12"...
Maudlin Bough - closer view...
WAM January 2, 2009
These look amazing. Would love to see closer view.
Joseph Fiedler January 2, 2009
Back at you, bro! Looks great.
Doug Fraser January 2, 2009
WAM - I added a couple of closer views. Joseph - thanks
Marc January 2, 2009
Love 'em. They look quite different at a distance (and obviously in content) but the technique brings them together.
Harry Campbell January 2, 2009
Love that barricade. I love seeing simple things made extraordinary. I'm sure it's stunning in person, especially at 50" wide. I would love to see more.
Mark Fisher January 2, 2009
Doug, you mix gravity in with all your paints. Lovely Jersey Barrier.
Chris Buzelli January 2, 2009
Amazing how you turned that barricade into a Fraser masterpiece. The pattern and texture of the concrete underneath is really amazing. Congrats!
Doug Fraser January 2, 2009
Marc, The difference in the two for me was that one is based on a banal civic piece of road architecture. The other is an idea from a walk after a spring windstorm, and old black & white films. Harry, I felt the that a larger scale was appropriate with the concrete barrier. The color yellow was as much the subject as the object itself. Mark, well I've been attracted to a certain harsh sculptural lighting for quite awhile. I think it gives some mass, and presence to the subject. I did live in New Jersey for a couple years too, ha. Chris, thanks, yes I was interested in the differences in surfaces. The smooth mold finish of the precast-concrete, and the broken pits, and edges.
David Flaherty January 2, 2009
Barricade is my fav. But how would you ever be able to hang it? (must be heavy!)
Doug Fraser January 2, 2009
David, chipping more off would lighten it up.
Nancy Stahl January 3, 2009
Working without an assignment and an art director to blame when things go wrong sounds exhilarating until I try to do it. Then it feels like a tightrope without a net. What got you to start on these beautiful pieces, Doug?
Doug Fraser January 3, 2009
Nancy, your question is hard to answer without going on too long. I've felt that one of the first victims in my process as an illustrator was a certain subtlety. When I've tried, the art director usually shoots it down. Lately I've felt the Illustrator seems to be a story telling egotist that doesn't know when to shut-up, and or has an ever increasing wave of adolescent interests. Maybe it's been that way all the time, and I'm the slow learner, or maybe my own adolescence is feeling just that much more in my rear view, or maybe it's just post holidays seasonal withdrawal. Of course there is good quality work being done currently in very contemporary ways. I don't want to offend the larger group. I wanted to explore what I was not being allowed to do as an illustrator. These two paintings and the sketches I'm working on for myself are telling me what I do not like in my own work, and where I'd like to try explore. So much of what we do as an illustrator is about what we've done, not what where we are going. Getting back to your original question, the short answer is exploration. Wrestling the beast that is pop culture, and the trying of a more deconstructive form of observation......blah, blah..I'm choking on my own bullshit.
chris spollen January 4, 2009
wonderful , just keep going best CS
Hal Mayforth January 6, 2009
I'm late to this, Doug, but I just wanted to tell you how cool I think these pieces are. The Jersey Barrier, as a single image sums up very concisely the trouble times we live in, recalling our obsession with security as well as the woeful state of our infrastructure. Keep it up.
Mark McBride April 23, 2009
I know that I am posting this late but I love the barricade, looks so realistic. Keep up the good work.
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