posted: October 1, 2009
Awhile back I did my own little comic book. Chris Pitzer of Adhouse press published my thirty-two page graphic poem. I loved working on it, and exploring the process. Chris was and is very supportive. He's a huge fan of comics and producer of some gorgeous books. Adhouse Publishing is now offering several of it's titles for enjoying in a whole new way. Comixology is where you can get a digital copy of many comics.  
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Harry October 2, 2009
Hey Doug, Can I still get your graphic poem in print? I've noticed more than a few motorcycles in your prolific body of work, have one? Always amazed.
Kyle T Webster October 2, 2009
What an awesome drawing! I can hear the crunch of the hood and the shattering of the glass, and it's all happening in slow motion... The visual is so provocative - makes me want to read the story. I'll get it online. Love the two color palette, too.
Chris Pitzer October 2, 2009
Carl Wiens October 2, 2009
Doug - cool mix of technology and print. Gorgeous work - I just ordered a hard copy. Nothing like having and holding a good book.
Jim Paillot October 2, 2009
Very cool. Love the art. I think I'll follow Carl's lead and get a hard copy of your piece.
Doug Fraser October 2, 2009
Harry, yes I do have one now. I've owned a lot of different bikes, at different times. Everything from Honda CB100, Ninja, Ducati, Beemers, and Harleys. I wished I'd kept em' all. I got the bug at thirteen. Also to the rest of you guys; Thanks for checking out the comics too! Chris, Woof! back at you.
Harry Campbell October 2, 2009
I had a Rupp when I was about thirteen, kind of a mini bike that looks like a small motorcycle, stripped sprocket, never could repair. My brother had just bought a Honda 750 four, 1976. I had a Harley 883 a few years ago. If I was to buy another it would be a BMW.
Paul Rogers October 2, 2009
C'mon now, Mort Grim deserves 5 stars!
Doug Fraser October 2, 2009
Ha! thanks Paul. Harry, Beemer eh'. I owned three of them. I enjoy the old air cooled versions best. Still I wished they would have stuck with the original "K" series engine and drive train layout too. Those were cool in that strange Beemer way. Their new stuff is feeling kinda big and plasticky. You should checkout the new Guzzi's. Some sweet stuff there. Just get out there and RIDE!
Richard Downs October 2, 2009
Mort Grim = Rocks! I had a Honda CT70 when I was 13, does that count?
Doug Fraser October 2, 2009
CT70 had one of the coolest frames! That press steel purity is a childhood memory that brings back such great moments. Richard, that's when Honda built motorcycles for people who liked motorcycles. Another beer please....
Josh McKible October 3, 2009
very cool. I love reading comics on my iPod Touch so I'm definitely gonna get this one one. Great looking app, great looking comic.
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