posted: March 5, 2010
As a follow-up to a previous assignment from Motor Trend magazine, about an evolutionary process, I was asked to do another one about the popular sedan. From a '49 Chev, '55 Chev, '66 Impala(Chev), '76 Cutlass(Olds), '82 Escort(Ford), to a '89 Taurus(Ford). The art director Andy Foster thought keeping the feel of the previous evo illustration was the way to go. It's kind of like playing with little metal cars as when I was a kid. Definite nostalgia. Well it's in the March issue, on newsstands now.
1/3 of spread art...
2/3 of spread art...
3/3 of spread art...
Full spread...
Previous spread on the evolution of the diesel....
Yuko March 5, 2010
God, I LOVE these. A perfect subject matter for you. So beautiful and strange...
Richard A Goldberg March 5, 2010
Cool cars...
Thom Sevalrud March 5, 2010
These are great Doug. When I look at these I can't help but see the identical landscape that connects Lethbridge and Calgary.
Doug Fraser March 5, 2010
Yuko, it's great to read your reaction. Thank you. Richard, yup fun assignment. Thom, I think you know what I was channeling. The nostalgia of youth.
Wacksman March 5, 2010
They're beautiful, Doug. Only you could bring beauty and sophistication to the otherwise completely unremarkable Ford Taurus. The Evolution of Diesel is quite dramatic; love the diesel netherworld that the truck is emerging from. Also got a chuckle seeing the insects perched in exactly the same spot in both spreads. Bravo!
Doug Fraser March 5, 2010
Mr. Wacksman, thank you. You're right also about the netherworld label, I was wanting the diesel origin world to have a Mordor like quality.
Paul Rogers March 5, 2010
Nice! That '49 Chevy is beautiful, love how the background echoes the style of cars, from open highway to corporate monotony.
Mark Fisher March 6, 2010
Now wouldn't it be grand to devo back into the '49 Chevy.Good one Doug.
Drew Friedman March 7, 2010
Man, what beautiful work!
Kyle T Webster March 7, 2010
Love the details, like the caterpillar! I wouldn't be surprised if you get some requests for a print of this one.
Chris Pitzer March 8, 2010
Wonderfully Strange!
Mark McBride March 8, 2010
N I C E Doug, mad nice!
Robert Neubecker March 8, 2010
Beautiful! and I really like the astronaut....
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