Douglas Fraser


MARCH 31, 2010

Tomorrow's April 1st, well although another month away is May 1st. One of recent assignments was on the history of May Day, the international day for the recogonition of the workers of the world. The article I illustrated was about International Worker’s Day and Canada’s contribution. "While May 1st, International Workers’ Day, is commemorated as Labour Day in most countries around the world, in Canada and the United States, Labour Day is the workers’ holiday celebrated at the beginning of September. Both, however, celebrate the achievements of the labour movement in securing workers’ rights". Well Sisters, and Brothers, here's wishing you well on March 31st.
• On a very happy secondary note, I've followed Richard Down's example, and moved my home website. After tens years my site was getting old and clunky. Mr. Zimm dialed the performance back up. I'm happy to have my website resources connected & working together now.

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