3 East
posted: April 26, 2010
Oils on canvas - 20x40 inches...
3 East is the name of my latest gallery painting. In my gallery work, I've been trying to deconstruct the subject matter from my own personal engagement. As an illustrator, I'm asked to interpret other's thoughts. Also a stepping out of my heavy use of line in my illustrations. Line is a construction of the mind to explain something in a subjective manner. Our brains are doing the "seeing", not our eyes. The eyes when allowed to see with a purity that quite often is forgotten as we age. In seeing the shapes of what I'm looking at, it's been an exercise to put down my visual prejudices, and just look for a time. In closing, a book I read years ago now, had a title that has stuck with me. The title is "Transfiguration of the Commonplace". Yes, also I very much enjoy working with line, but I'm exploring elsewhere lately.
Early sketch...
Detail.1 - edge...
Detail.2 - edge...
Lou Beach April 26, 2010
Mighty fine, Doug. I like that nothing is stroked, and the color choices. It's so different from the way I work on my personal pieces. You look/see outward...I look inward and try to make some visual sense of the shadows dancing around in my subconscious.
fiedler April 26, 2010
Looks good Dougie! So straight.
Paul Rogers April 26, 2010
That's a nice painting! I love these new pieces. Does Linda know you're using her towels in the studio?
Victor Juhasz April 26, 2010
Love the composition and colors. A relatively common image transformed via your vision into something very striking.
Gary Taxali April 26, 2010
Really great painting, Doug.
GregM April 26, 2010
You know exactly what to leave out and what to leave in. Just beautiful!
Richard Downs April 26, 2010
Really nice painting, Doug. Everything is so nicely balanced between the light and dark heavy shapes.
Douglas Fraser April 27, 2010
Thanks guys for your thoughts. I'm glad to read them, and reference my goals in the painting. And Paul, I thought it was a rag?....okay I'll have to do better than that with Linda.
Shout April 27, 2010
wonderful painting Doug!
Hal Mayforth April 27, 2010
That's a beaut, Doug. Your edge treatment is a very attractive presentation.
Brian Stauffer April 27, 2010
Good to get some of your thinking behind the process.
Kyle T Webster April 27, 2010
I really, really want to see these paintings in person. They look amazing.
Tim Dose April 27, 2010
I really love this piece, Doug. Great work.
Harry April 27, 2010
Beautiful, and can certainly appreciate your comments on line. Line has always been my strong suit but I recall all my instructors saying line doesn't exist in nature, true I suppose. You've given me food for thought today. Are your paintings available for purchase? Do you have a show coming up? I love when I see Drawgers experimenting, you, Leo, others. I need to get off my ass.
Douglas Fraser April 27, 2010
Again, I'm appreciative of all your comments. Harry, as for what's happening with the paintings; I've been taking them over to a local gallery here in Victoria. The name of the gallery is Winchester. Several have sold. Oh yeah, No masking tape! I'm a slow painter, but it's soul food cookin'. It's taught me a much greater appreciation of colour as well.
Mark McBride April 27, 2010
Doug if you are soul food cooking, then it will take time. Collard Greens only taste good when done right so are the lines you make with no masking tape. Perfect
Rob Dunlavey April 28, 2010
It's like Ed Ruscha meets Georgia O'Keeffe meets Edward Hopper meets Charles Sheeler. Totally you. You must have done some color studies along the way; I'd love to see how you achieved the lighting effect and color choices.
Robert Saunders April 28, 2010
Wow, you make an otherwise ordinary urban scene intensely interesting.
Mark Fisher April 29, 2010
Rectangles, trapezoids, parallelograms galore! Nice painting! In the future everything will be outlined.
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