posted: August 2, 2010

Illustration for Research News 2010 summer issue. The idea for this illustration was to simply indicate the piercing of a cell membrane. In an article about taking apart an infectious disease, the subject of Dr. Stefan Pukatzki, who has uncovered a new method that bacteria use to cause disease. The art director for this assignment was Lara Minja, of Lime Design inc. Lara, and I aimed for a simple graphic. I worked in a vector based approach as it lent itself to a clean image with rich colours. The precision of piercing a cell, and injecting material is the work of a labratory, and medical research. I enjoyed the opportunity to explore a somewhat abstracted way of designing the image in my sketches. There is space in the upper area for type as well. I enjoyed working with Lara.
Pencil Sketches...

Victor Juhasz August 2, 2010
Great composition, color and handling of the image. A gallery worthy image.
GregM August 2, 2010
There's some real virtuosity in those blobs. No doubt I'll be revisiting this image many times.
Greg Clarke August 2, 2010
Even without a figure, this still reads as a Fraser.
Robert Hunt August 2, 2010
Tim OBrien August 3, 2010
Exhibit A: Illustration is the best choice in many situations
Carl Wiens August 3, 2010
This appeals to the science geek in me. Beautiful illustration - amazing nucleus too.
Richard Downs August 3, 2010
Nice, Doug. Using your graphic skills to further cell injection. It is cool, and your style. I like it.
robert neubecker August 4, 2010
Christoph Hitz August 5, 2010
Perfect Fraser phrasing.
Dana Mackenzie August 18, 2010
I remember the one time we met how you mentioned that the original TRON light bike sequence had a strong influence on your work at the time. Looking at this piece, I can totally see how that approach to lighting, color, and derivative breaking down of the subject-matter has stuck around. Every piece counts.
Douglas Fraser August 18, 2010
Yes, the original TRON back in the early 80's had a big impact on my idea of light & structure. It was one of the first truly large scale digital images in a movie theatre I saw. Many aspects of the image appealed to my eyes. The very dramatic blacks in the shadows, and the bold pure colour in lighted areas was so new to my eyes, and that large! Well it influenced my drawing , and painting. Thanks for remembering.
Dana Mackenzie August 18, 2010
It will be interesting this-coming December to see how the franchise has caught up with technology into the year 2010, and if the same respect towards lighting, form, and derivation is still respected. The beauty of the original is so epic, I personally don't see how it can ;-/ I'll always remember, Doug. That meeting we had back in the day has stuck with me for the past 18 years. No word of a lie. Cheers - D
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