Prius & Porsche
posted: August 23, 2010
Couple of recent assignments were car related. First one was a cover for an international edition of Newsweek. The title was the Flying Prius about the never ending dream of the flying wing. It's the pursuit to bring the energy efficient qualities of the flying wing shape to the mainstream commercial aviation industry. Creating a version of the Prius for the airline industry. Art Director; Adolfo Valle.

Final direction...


The next one was for Motor Trend. Its a regular column with a roving subject. This month's about the enjoyment and build of a classic Porsche replica. These newly built replicas are mechanically superior to the original,  while retaining the original classic lines, and interior look. Allowing the owner peace of mind of not putting an original in harm's way while driving in the real world. Personally I'd still be sweating as these high quality replicas are not cheap either. Title for the column was; Auto Avatar, the bathtub Porsche reimagined in Cameron-grade HD/3D/CGI brilliance. Art Director; Andy Foster.
Yes, that's a Navi at the wheel....

Victor Juhasz August 23, 2010
Fantastic. These are so solid, pack such a punch. Really enjoy the sketches as well. Sketch 2 is great fun.
Paul Rogers August 23, 2010
I like how the Newsweek cover looks like a vintage Popular Mechanics cover touting the future.
Harry August 23, 2010
Crazy great. Love seeing those sketches. You should be working for a car maker designing cars-the way they aught to be.
Dana MacKenzie August 23, 2010
Ridiculous! These pieces are so fantastic, it hurts. I agree with Harry - you should be designing cars, jet fighters etc. The future is Fraser.
Richard Downs August 23, 2010
Solid finals, Doug. Love the color on the speedster.
Douglas Fraser August 24, 2010
Victor, I liked the second sketch as well, but we ended up going elsewhere. Paul, the Popular Mechanics reference was mentioned early on by the Editor. I wanted to try freshen up the feel. Harry, like you I've a soft spot for machines. Dana, it's the model glue fumes in my mind after reading too many hot rod magazines. A misspent youth. Richard, the color is from the actual replica edition speedster. They're built in Vancouver, BC.
Tim OBrien August 24, 2010
Love the sketches too. The cover is awesome and I think jumps off the newstand.
Peter Cusack August 24, 2010
so cool. both of them. drawings are always a treat.
Adam McCauley August 24, 2010
That Newsweek cover is a classic! Fantastic job.
Steve Wacksman August 25, 2010
Agreed that the Newsweek cover has a great vintage Pop Mech feeling- love it. But that Porsche! The 356 has always been my dream ride (although I'm a hard top guy; better lines). That's on my 'to do' list, although I'd restore an original. And mine'll be silver. Beautiful and exciting work all around, Doug. You could make a Yugo look exciting to drive.
Zina Saunders August 25, 2010
I very much like your modern spin on the vintage popular mechanics look, Doug.
Walter Vasconcelos August 25, 2010
Beautiful cover, strong work Doug !
Kyle T Webster August 26, 2010
You breathe life into the stuff I hate to draw: vehicles. These are awesome.
Lou Brooks August 27, 2010
Doug, being a fellow motorhead, I just love both of these as well as the terrific job you did on them. I'll take one of those bathtub Porche reps, please!
Mark McBride August 29, 2010
Dude, the Motor Trend cover is powerful. And a Navi at the wheel? Where does the hair go to power it? Where the ignition goes or does it connect to the engine?
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