posted: December 3, 2010
Dog is a noun, and can be a descriptor. Recently I did an illustration of a dog. It's a subject I've dealt with over the years. It's funny I've always had a picture in my mind's eye of the dog symbol. I'm not a big fan of small dogs, sorry Cesar. In my most recent dog themed assignment the art director, Jennifer Bumgardener was quite specific in her concept for the cover. Instead of chasing my tail, and her concept was fine with me. The issue is the December 2010 which covers the ninth-annual Industry Recognition Awards. So a magazine with the title of Pet Business, wanted a dog with a trophy. Oh yeah Jennifer asked for a coat on the pooch. Now it's not world politics, but people love their pets, and it's a cover. Covers can be a mixed honour, as area for type can really squeeze the art. The two sketches show a dog with a different attitude. Sketch number one was of a dog with an aloof presentation of the awarded trophy. Number two sketch is of a more triumphant K9. I actually liked the deadpan tone in number one, but the celebratory tone of number two was waved through. I've also attached several dogs from the past for some reference. Yes, I've painted a few dogs.

Vector art...
New York Times - Sports - betting on underdogs. Brush & Ink. 2007...

Warner Books Publishing - sometime back in 90's. Oils on canvas....

Financial Times - Dog Eat Dog. Oils on heavy stock. 1992...

Scott Bakal December 3, 2010
Pet Business! There sure is a lot of it going on in this post! Good stuff, Doug! It was great hanging with you a few weeks ago. Hope to do it again sooner than later.
David Flaherty December 3, 2010
I like the first sketch better though. U?
Douglas Fraser December 3, 2010
Scott, thanks. I had fun as well. Was good to be back seeing one another. Mr. Flaherty, I agree on a purely self directed note, but from a collaborative standpoint though the magazine wanted to strike an obvious uplifting tone during what is a definitely tough year for many businesses.
Paul Rogers December 3, 2010
all great, but that German Shepard is outstanding!
Joseph Fiedler December 3, 2010
You dog, Doug!
Douglas Fraser December 3, 2010
Paul, thanks. You know I go back and forth about digital, or stretcher? As an aside Jennifer specifically requested my vector work. The monitor can kill a painting. Joseph, one of my lifelong jabs. One letter dropped, and I was getting laughed at. It was the kid at recess laughing away by the monkey bars. There was only asphalt under them, no wood chips, or soft material. I think that kid fell.
Mark McBride December 3, 2010
I can't have a dog where I currently live, was considering a cat but there is nothing like a good old dog. I find them to be loyal. I had a shitzu but I had to give him away when I moved here, that really sucked. Love the dog though Doug, it looks great, that's one mean German Shepard. My friend hates small dogs, he said he wanted to field goal one, if I ever got another small dog, I would never leave it with him.
Mark Gervais December 4, 2010
Awesome! That dog on the Pet Business cover has been hitting the gym!! I still love that German Shepard.
Victor Juhasz December 4, 2010
Strong work. Love the cover as well as the sketches.
Douglas Fraser December 4, 2010
Mark M., I think dogs are great, and most cats. I do hope your friend doesn't "field goal" any for real. Although there are a few which mentally I've booted well through, and well past the uprights in my mind. Mr. Gervais, that dog has some pit in him, I think. The Champ! Thanks. Victor, Thank you. Good to have seen you just before sketch night a few weeks back. The Hopper show at the Whitney was so wonderful. I know you mentioned an alternate.
sock December 5, 2010
great work as per usual. love the dog/dog
Jim Paillot December 5, 2010
Really good stuff. I also love the first sketch but the final art is so killer that it's a strong cover either way.
Dana Mackenzie December 8, 2010
Great piece, Doug! Personally, "Dog Eat Dog" is one of my favorite designs of all your work I've seen. I still remember seeing it back when I was a student at ACA and telling myself "now THAT'S how you design a piece that is simple, bold, yet says sooo much" Perfection.
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