posted: February 16, 2011
A subject I dealt with before leaving for a winter break from work, was somewhat timely. The subject of violence in the workplace. The art director for the assignment was the every open, and insightful, Roy Comiskey. The signs for possible violent events seem to be there, yet can happen without warning. I can say that the subject was interesting, and as someone who works alone, it's a curiousity. An employer it would seem has to maintain a vigilence. I wanted a darker tone, offset by a more banal setting. The cubicles I've seen in office spaces always leave me with an odd feeling. I enjoyed the subject manner as it delves into the struggles of contemporary life & work. Working with Roy is a pleasure. My winter break is over, and it's back to it in a none violent manner.

In my pencil sketches I'd developed a split panel approach to crop in on some telltale signs....
Feedback from Roy & the editor had me developing sketch #1 further. The finish is a simpler split....

Illustration into Roy's layout for Security Management magazine...

Tim OBrien February 17, 2011
Love the face and composition. I do struggle with the pencil top cut like that and wonder if it should have broken into the scene above? I guess it would have looked like a forced perspective as such. Wonderful work.
Bill Mayer February 17, 2011
nice drawing.... but I like the stronger more fragmented layout you did first... love both of those.
Richard Downs February 17, 2011
Cool piece on such a serious subject. The guys face is great!
harry February 17, 2011
You know I'm a fan of all your stuff, and the craft! I think your figure says it all-without the pencil- just a clearly disturbed and seething individual amongst the banal surroundings of the office. Roy's a good guy.
Douglas Fraser February 17, 2011
Tim, thank you for your comments. The pencil is working okay for me, as it accentuates the split panels. Bill, what can I say it's a collaborative process. Thank you for seeing my original intent in my sketches. Richard, Thanks. Harry, I believe the addition of the pencil does add into the storyline with it's broken state, and it's yellow colour. Still, I do think that the pencil would have blended in better with the more fragmented approach of my sketches. I do agree you with that Roy's a good guy.
Greg February 17, 2011
The split screen gives it a cinematic quality to my eye. Cool!
Mark McBride February 17, 2011
This is really deep, I would really like to read the article, that broken pencil is scary, I hope that will not be a live person. On that note, my wife and I were having a conversation about this, we both agreed that no job is hard, its the people you have to work with that make it that way. Some situations can be resolved and others well.....they end up like that pencil. Cool work though Doug, nice to see the oils again.
Douglas Fraser February 18, 2011
Greg, yes it was a cinematic quality I aimed for. Thanks. Mark, It's good to read your reaction. I'm someone who has worked in a solitary manner for years, so the workplace full of workers interacting has been a remote experience for me. The social interactions of a busy populated workspace is interesting. Thanks.
Mark Gervais February 22, 2011
I love the feel of your first 3 panel split concept. It's anonymous yet intimate and claustrophobic... all lending to the subject matter in my opinion. I guess revisions are business as usual. The pencil is classic Fraser quiet rage... or riot. heh.
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