Straight to Paint
posted: June 23, 2011
The last while I would develop a digital rough when developing a painting. I've skipped that stage in my recent oil paintings. Working pencil sketches up to an acceptable stage, I moved on to prepping my surface & paint. Using my own life, and surroundings as subject it's been a very satisfying mode of working. The computer is a powerful tool, and I still use it, but wanted to do my adjusting within the stages of painting. The computer ironically really has had an effect on how I view my painting.
Water Tower - Oils on masonite. 15x36.5 inches...

Water Tower - Detail...

Traffic Lights - Oils on wood panel. 12x24 inches....

Traffic Lights - Detail...

Soap Nook - Oils on wood panel. 14x18 inches....

Soap Nook - Detail...

Motorcycles - Oils on masonite. 15x24 inches....

Motorcycles - Detail...

Stephen Kroninger June 23, 2011
I like these a lot. The subject matter is close to my heart and the present state of my brain. Your work is always top drawer. I look forward to seeing more.
Mark McBride June 23, 2011
Wow!! These are great Doug, I really like that water tower, its finger lickin good! :-) Good job on the bikes as well. I have missed seeing something recent of your work and these are very satisfying to look at.
Douglas Fraser June 23, 2011
Stephen, the present, yes it's a state of mind. thanks for stopping in. Mark, you got me smiling. thanks too.
Greg June 23, 2011
There's an honesty and humility in your personal paintings. It's probably why I admire them so.
Mark Fisher June 23, 2011
Traffic Lights is grand!
Adam McCauley June 23, 2011
Gorgeous, super solid paintings Doug.
Nick June 23, 2011
Doug- just beautiful. The first piece is perfecto with that strategic placement of the dash of red in the KFC sign! What a wild H2o tower. Recently out to Chicago for a brief visit, the streets screamed Fraser everywhere I turned. Kept thinking of your paintings.... If you haven't been it's a great city especially the art institute, amazing!
Paul Rogers June 23, 2011
Wonderful! Let's see some details.
deb wozny June 24, 2011
You always have seen the beauty in everyday life
Douglas Fraser June 24, 2011
Greg, thank you. Adam, and Mark, thanks for checking in. Nick, I've been to Chicago. It's a great city agreed. Paul, I've added a couple more details Deb, Thank You for commenting. Hope you'll get more painting in too.
Scott Bakal June 24, 2011
Super cool the bikes and the stop light. Love 'em!
Jim Paillot June 24, 2011
These are outta sight. I especially love the spareness of the traffic light.
Brian Stauffer June 24, 2011
Great details. Love the urban artifacts.
Harry Campbell June 24, 2011
Love that traffic light, all great but what is really inspiring is that you're adjusting the way you work, experimenting, clearly enjoying yourself.
Douglas Fraser June 24, 2011
Scott, Jim, and Brian, many thanks Guys. Harry, yes I am finding a desire to explore the process of drawing & painting in a manner that can be difficult from the vantage of a commissioned assignment. It's been quite interesting to think about one's perception, and the influence of my conscious & unconscious interpreting. The dialogue between the observed, the observer, and the resulting observation.
Mike Kerr June 24, 2011
So great! Man the water tower takes me back, and makes me want to go back (almost). Cool how an object can be so emotive/nostalgic and tell a story. Wonderful paintings as always.
Douglas Fraser June 25, 2011
Mike, yes it's that one. The big civic structure that loomed like a alien spaceship permanently parked at the side of the road. peace.
Thom Sevalrud June 25, 2011
I agree with Mike. That tower takes me back as well. It was a marker on the #3 Highway. People eat dinner there now (I hear). Nice work.
Douglas Fraser June 25, 2011
Thom, I worked from photos I had taken just before that. My Father was actually involved with it's construction, and looked over it's maintenance as a civil engineer.
Dana MacKenzie June 25, 2011
Oh - WOW! Your motorcycles painting is my new official favorite motorized piece you've done to-date. So real, yet still so stylized. Bumped to 2nd: The VOX cover b/w motorcycle engine, circa 1992(?) Amazing work, Doug.
Leo Espinosa June 27, 2011
consistently strong and poetic. That traffic light stops time.
Tim OBrien June 27, 2011
Love these pieces. They're awesome.
Douglas Fraser June 27, 2011
Dana, Leo, and Tim, thanks for check 'em out.
Mark Gervais June 27, 2011
Truly amazing and inspiring work, Doug! I love the traffic light for its simplicity and the motorcycles for its complexity. The soap makes me feel zest-fully clean. You're walkin' all over that line.
Walter Vasconcelos June 28, 2011
Beautiful paintings and great details, Doug.
Julia Breckenreid October 4, 2011
Really beautiful work Doug - and I love the title of the show as well...
All images copyright Douglas Fraser