After Print
posted: October 3, 2011

Well I have my first full show at the Winchester Gallery here on the west coast. A few singular pieces have been sold through the gallery, but this is my first show of a group of my paintings. The title of my show is After Print. It was exciting, and very rewarding. Also interesting to hear the reactions from the people who dropped by. My subject matter and influences are eclectic, and I wanted to enjoy the process of making the paintings. There were a number of pieces in the show I've posted here before in my Gallery Work category, and some new pieces. The show is up Oct. 1st  - 22nd.
Winchester Gallery's site;
Landline - oils on wooden panel, 24 x 12 inches....

Landline - detail...

Poolside - oils on canvas, 48 x 24 inches....

Poolside - detail.1...

Poolside - detail.2...

Light Standard - oils on wooden panel, size 24 x 18 inches....

Orange Slice - oils on wooden panel, size 24 x 12 inches...

Orange Slice - detail...

Richard Borge October 3, 2011
Love the work... love the GTO!
fiedler October 3, 2011
Lookin' good! Congrats, etc.
Kyle October 3, 2011
Poolside!!! Fantastic!
Tim Dose October 3, 2011
Really great work, Doug. Clean and powerful. A nice end to a long day for me to see it.
Robert Hunt October 3, 2011
Good luck with the show! I love the muscle car!
John Dykes October 3, 2011
Beautiful work, Doug - hope the show goes well.
Richard Downs October 3, 2011
Congrats, Doug! Love the GTO painting and the land line is really cool.
Paul Rogers October 3, 2011
Beautiful! Thanks for the details. These look so velvety. Your finish fetish would make these fit right in here in California.
Hal Mayforth October 4, 2011
I wish you the best with the show, Doug. Terrific work.
THIBEAULT October 4, 2011
These are quite beautiful, I love the way you see!!
Felix Sockwell October 4, 2011
love the poolside/ her backside. loving detail. congrats doug!
Harry October 4, 2011
Woah, really nice Doug. You and I talked about your paintings when we were at the Hopper show. I recall the conversation well and happy to see this follow through. Nice, I want one. Online sales?
Mark Gervais October 4, 2011
Doug!!! Amazing!!! I was just thinking about how your work has so many facets. Different styles but still distinctly you. I really love this new stuff! Mind = blown.
Douglas Fraser October 4, 2011
Many thanks for all your positive support. Harry, you asked about online sales. I added the link up top in my post.
Elaine Prodor October 4, 2011
hi sorry we couldn't make your opening. Your new work shown here is so incredible!!! Will check out more online!
Leo Espinosa October 4, 2011
Woohooo! I'm very happy for you, Doug! I wish I could see the actual paintings.
Aaron Leighton October 4, 2011
Big congrats Doug! The new work is fantastic and, somehow, both epic and intimate at the same time. An amazing show from an amazing artist!
Doug Jones October 4, 2011
Congrats on the show..the paintings look great! Hope its a sell out.
John Cuneo October 4, 2011
mmm. Sumptuous shadows.
Rob Dunlavey October 4, 2011
Eclectic rules. There's something intriguing and desirable in each piece. Good luck with the show. I hope it's a sell out.
Victor Juhasz October 4, 2011
Jesus these are eye popping. Love the poolside image with all the abstracts of light and shadow. Congratulations on an outstanding exhibit.
Adam McCauley October 4, 2011
Stunning stuff, Doug. Best of luck with the show!
Christoph Hitz October 5, 2011
I'm looking them over for the third time, they look great.
Julia Breckenreid October 5, 2011
Beautiful work Doug - and I love the title of the show as well!
Steve Brodner October 5, 2011
This is really about looking and seeing. How much to note, how much to suggest? This negotiation is brilliant as are your color, contrast, comp, content choices. Stop me before I alliterate again. Marvelous D.
Douglas Fraser October 5, 2011
Jumping in to express my thanks for your supportive comments. I do wish all of you could drop in at the gallery. Alas we are in many places.
Mark Fisher October 5, 2011
The way you angleize your curves and fuzzerate your edges is superlative. May you sell out the show Doug.
Carl Wiens October 6, 2011
Congrats on the solo show, Doug! That orange slice is very tasty. Great work.
Marc October 6, 2011
Congratulations, Doug. I love the sharpness and planar quality of your oil paintings, and particularly like the muscle car. Nice work.
Greg Clarke October 6, 2011
Marvelous group of images Doug--the austere "Landline" might be my fave.
Sean Kane October 6, 2011
Doug, The Eye in the window beckoned me into the gallery today. These are a real treat to see in person, technically and for your viewpoint. Congratulations!
Mark McBride October 6, 2011
Amazing group of images you put together there Doug. My favorite is the Poolside, I like the way you made the shadows look on the ground and the lady there as well. That towel just speaks to me...ahhh blue yes, my favorite. My wife likes slippers like the ones in your painting. Congratulations on the show Doug.
GĂ©rard DuBois October 7, 2011
All the best for the show Douglas. I have a feeling it will be crowded and successful.
Katherine Streeter October 8, 2011
so great!!! congratulations, and best of luck for the show!
Dana MacKenzie October 27, 2011
I made sure my Dad (who lives in Victoria) swung by to check out your show, since I could not be there. He had nothing but amazing things to say about seeing your work in-person. Quick question: will be you making any prints of your work, by any chance?
Douglas Fraser November 1, 2011
Please, thank your Father for coming in. Prints of the work in my "After Print" show are not a priority. The premise of these pieces are the originals. There are reasonable priced, and handmade.
Coco Masuda November 14, 2011
Belatedly, beautiful work! Landscapes & still life are classic, but "Poolside" is an interesting development of your technique. Faces in your work are so iconic, so not showing her face makes it interesting. I love it.
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