Drawing Time
posted: February 6, 2012
In for repairs - back of local motorcycle shop. Oils on paper....

Figure drawing drop in. Yes, she did have a couple of band aids on her cheek....

Figure drawing drop in session....

In my own work my sketches, or drawing ends up gone. Wallpapered over with oil paint. I've had a passion for the idea of edges , whether soft or hard in painting. The purity of drawing is something lately I've wanted to feel again. 
Chris Spollen February 6, 2012
harry February 6, 2012
Always inspired. I for one would like to see more non assignment work here on Drawger. Thanks for giving us a peek Doug.
Leo Espinosa February 6, 2012
I can't get enough of those motorcycles!
Rob Dunlavey February 6, 2012
That view of the motorcycles is killer! Leave as is?
Douglas Fraser February 6, 2012
Chris - Thanks! Leo - Thanks, it's a guilty pleasure of mine. Harry - Your comment does connect for me. It is interesting to see the first marks a person makes. Before the many layers of glossy polish, of layers, filters, and or what every are applied. There was a person at the drop in drawing session with an ipad. Interesting because she struggled with it. I know of other artists that use an ipad, and achieve some nice results, but stepping a little past the PC answer, it's the differences between a hand written letter versus an email. There's a more direct connection to the creator. The decisions of the artist don't seem so remote.
Douglas Fraser February 6, 2012
Rob - Yeah it's done, I'm leaving it be.
Walter Vasconcelos February 6, 2012
Doug, the image of the motorcycle is perfect. It eventually became an abstract art, very cool!
Mark McBride February 6, 2012
Nice bike mix you got going there Doug. Like an old kung fu flick...your draw fuuu, hmp, pretty good!
Richard Downs February 6, 2012
Doug, your "In for repairs" piece is by far my favorite work of yours. This may sound like a reference stretch but as soon as I saw it I thought of Goya's "Misfortunes occurred in the Stands" from his Bullfighting etchings from 1812. Which I consider the first work of modern art, years before Gustave Courbet's, "The Stone Breakers". The way you Pushed the pattern and density to the top of the piece and let everything else drop off was the best, the best. Love it!
Douglas Fraser February 6, 2012
Walter - yes, it was the overall abstract quality that drew me in. Mark - I'm blushin' Richard - damn, you had me at Goya.
Jim Paillot February 7, 2012
In For Repairs is killer. Love this piece! Excellent figure drawing, too. Nice seeing the flowing lines of those sketches near the hard edged machines of In For Repairs.
Mark Fisher February 10, 2012
Pencil lines paint = perfect
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