Shape & Size
posted: March 4, 2012
In one of my recent paintings I wanted to capture a feeling of visual perspective, and explore the shape of object/art. I built a cradle box with a tapered shape that echoed the perspective in the visual subject. The edges of the top and bottom were from the subject as I saw it from across the street. The shape also was interesting to deal with, and a departure from the squares & rectangles I've been working with. I worked with elements in the subject that struck me such as the white graffiti on the dark galss. The details in the subject reminded me of the graphic elements I'd so enjoyed as a kid building model kits. Yes, I did build a few of my glue-thumb-printed masterpieces in my youth. Exploring the details, and interpreting the shapes furthered my awarness of the dialogue between them. The subject for me is influenced by painters like Edward Hopper, and the shapes by painters in the geometric abstraction spectrum.
Diner - oils on panel, approximately 36 by 22 inches....

Diner - detail...

The following painting was subject I gathered several years ago, but always stayed in my mind. I photographed the subject on a hot day. The pavement had a bleached quality. The painting was again on a cradle box I made. The smaller size felt appropriate, and I wanted the scale of the object to be more intimate when viewed. It's a common urban subject, but by making the painting smaller, I felt it drew me in.
Under Three - oils on panel, 9 x 25 inches...

Under Three - early thumbnail sketch...

Under Three - 2nd gen. skt....

Under Three - detail...

chris spollen March 5, 2012
very nice!!!!
Mark Fisher March 5, 2012
Such deep dark shadows, in looking at the scenes I feel that if I stare at them long enough an auto suddenly emerge and zoom by or a figure will appear behind the glass. Wonderful Doug.
Rob Dunlavey March 5, 2012
Good good stuff. You paint the familiar and make it alien and then back again.
Julia Breckenreid March 5, 2012
Pretty amazing, the beauty you bring in the mundane..
Thom Sevalrud March 5, 2012
Paul Rogers March 5, 2012
Hopper and Ellsworth Kelly together in one painting! Beautiful.
Richard Downs March 5, 2012
Really nice, Doug. I didn't understand when you said, "I built a cradle box with a tapered shape". I kept looking at the piece and then realized the shape was tapered, my eyes just filled in the format. Nice optical twist.
kurt vargo March 6, 2012
I really do like these free way paintings a lot Doug. Smart work!
Carl Wiens March 7, 2012
Beautiful work, Doug. I'd like to see these hanging. That tapered shape ads a whole new element.
Harry Campbell March 7, 2012
I love your paintings Doug, just need to get to one of your shows to snatch one up. The top image of the street has that lonely desolate Hopperesque feeling, but completely original.
Mark McBride March 14, 2012
The Under Three sticks with me. Like an overpass I saw when I was kid. Reminds me when I would ride on my father's bus while he was working. I like the green in it.
Greg M March 20, 2012
Anthony Trambley March 7, 2014
Your art is beautiful, just amazing, thank you so much for sharing it. -- Anthony
All images copyright Douglas Fraser