posted: February 15, 2013
I've been working on a few more pieces for exhibition. Looking to have them up for the first of March at my local gallery. The show is of a smaller number of my recent paintings. The opportunity to show is welcomed, and yet it seems to focus my schedule in a way that can be a little stressful/negative. I'm use to the deadlines in my illustration work, just not something I want too much of in these paintings. Working with a heavier weight canvas on these. The canvas suface had me doing some subtle shifting in edges.
Interior Bridge - oils on canvas - 57 by 36 inches...
Interior Bridge - detail...

Bus Stop - oils on canvas - 56 by 36 inches...

Bus Stop - detail...

Prep Stop - oils on canvas - 48 by 24 inches...

Prep Stop - detail...

Paul Rogers February 15, 2013
Wow. These are beautiful, colors, edge control, composition. When you started making these paintings I knew they were going to be good. They keep getting better.
Mark Fisher February 15, 2013
Spectacular shapes and fuzzy colors.
Richard Downs February 16, 2013
Cool work, Douglas. "Prep Stop - detail" is brilliant.
THIBEAULT February 16, 2013
If Canaletto were around today, he'd be really jealous of that bridge painting!!
fiedler February 16, 2013
Really, really nice Doug! Couldn't be better!!
GĂ©rard DuBois February 17, 2013
I agree with Paul, Doug, they keep getting better. Good luck for the show.
David Flaherty February 17, 2013
Like bus stop a lot. Very interesting stylization going on in these paintings.
Rob Dunlavey February 18, 2013
Yeah I think Canaletto would stop painting or at least buy you a drink or two. These are really gorgeous Doug. Good luck getting the show up.
marcellus hall February 18, 2013
Nick Wright February 18, 2013
Doug- WOW! absolutely beautiful. above and beyond. Thanks. Nick
Greg M February 19, 2013
Beauty! Good luck with the show, Doug.
Jim Paillot February 19, 2013
Man, I love these. Every time I see more of your work on canvas I am blown away.
Victo Ngai February 20, 2013
I think my mind just got blown a little. Love the wiggly shadow and dotted light in the first one - feels like a warm afternoon breeze. Beautiful! Dont think I can afford the painting but if you make prints of it, I would love one!
Greg Clarke February 20, 2013
Gorgeous Doug!
Chris Pitzer February 20, 2013
Leo Espinosa February 21, 2013
Insane! The way you are dissecting the light into geometric shapes is really insane! I'm all over the trees in the background, Doug. I hope the show brings more shows and more wonderful paintings like these.
Mark Gervais February 22, 2013
Yip. Those are what I'd call some super damn good paintings, Doug. The bar just rose a few notches with this set.
TBower February 26, 2013
These paintings defy the manner in which they were painted. To evoke such a visceral sense of place through relatively austere means is an uncommon feat. They're beautiful.
Alan Witschonke February 27, 2013
Such beauty from, seemingly, mundane scenes! The way your colors have such defined edges make these look almost like silkscreens. Interior Bridge is a masterpiece!
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