Road & Track Redesign
posted: April 6, 2013
Well the newly redesigned Road & track is on the stands. I've been drawing cars since a kid in school. I also have been thumbing through automotive magazines for decades. Car culture does have a rich history. I've been in many discussions about what a car says about it's driver, not to mention the pros & cons of the larger issues.  The subject crosses over all dividing lines. Well for these illustrations I worked with David Speranza at Road & Track. We had not worked with one another before. The last decades working in an automotive magazine has an illustrator playing a supporting role to photography. The largest image roughly a quarter page, with two spots. I do enjoy working 2D vector, and was happy to hear that David embraced that approach. Working on the illustrations with David Speranza as my collaborator was….. Hell, it was fun.

Quarter page art...

Follow-up spot art...

Another spot for the subject of the classic Lotus 49...

It was a fun assignment which provided me an excuse to draw cars....

Gary LaCoste April 6, 2013
Groovy baby! Love that mini!
THIBEAULT April 6, 2013
Your excuse is our pleasure!!
Flaherty April 7, 2013
These are really fun Doug.
harry April 7, 2013
Great sketches Doug, beautifully executed finals. I like the integrated signature at the bottom.
Mark Fisher April 7, 2013
The Cooper is Fab! Got to drive one in Phoenix, what a blast!
Adam McCauley April 7, 2013
Beautiful work, Doug. I like the mini final, but wish they'd have gone with your "sketch D". I think I understand why they didn't, but it's still really strong.
Paul Rogers April 8, 2013
These are great, love seeing your sketches.
Victor Juhasz April 9, 2013
Vroooooom. NIce.
Julia Breckenreid April 10, 2013
So fun and energetic, perfect for that car!
Jim Paillot April 11, 2013
Love these, Douglas. Whether you work on canvas, vector or paper your design and color always stands out. That mini rocks.
All images copyright Douglas Fraser