Monster & Park
posted: June 28, 2013
Monster Sale - detail...

Monster Sale - oils on panel, 36 x 24 inches...

Upper Level Park - oils on panel, 20 x 12.25 inches...

Upper Level Park - detail...

Lou Beach June 28, 2013
Harry Campbell June 28, 2013
Doug-this work just gets better and better. I love the elevation of commonplace urban landscape. The skill and sensitivity is just incredible.
Mark Ulriksen June 28, 2013
GĂ©rard DuBois June 28, 2013
I agree with the previous comments Douglas. I love the Monster sale.
fiedler June 28, 2013
What Lou said!
Mark Fisher June 28, 2013
The paintings are super and the closeups even more so as stand alone pieces.
Jody Hewgill June 28, 2013
Monster sale is superb!
Mark McBride June 29, 2013
Like the t-rex Doug. I agree with Mr. Fisher, the close up detail on the Monster sale looks even better. Either way they both look great. I am curious. Did you buy anything Doug?
Carl Wiens June 29, 2013
So amazing to see these works evolve, Doug! Fantastic.
Paul Rogers June 29, 2013
These are great! Love the new header as well.
chris spollen June 30, 2013
very nice!
Victor Juhasz June 30, 2013
Solid. Love the subtleties in color.
Richard Downs June 30, 2013
I love those giant inflatables and this painting is fantastic, Doug!
Adam McCauley June 30, 2013
Doug, these are absolutely masterful.
Scott Bakal July 1, 2013
Beautiful, beautiful work, Doug.
Steve Brodner July 2, 2013
Big ideas here, moved by intense attention to small places. Totally great.
Roberto Parada July 2, 2013
That is so Awesome Doug.
Katherine Streeter July 7, 2013
I *love* this !!!
Walter Vasconcelos July 21, 2013
One word Doug: Amazing!
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