4 Paint & 1 Vector
posted: May 8, 2014
Golden Cougar, oils on panel, 29.5 x 13.75 inches...
Golden Cougar - detail...

Ole Flame, oils on panel, 17 x 11 inches...

Ole Flame - detail...

Poplars, oils on panel, 18.5 x 11.5 inches...

CBs & Zuke, oils on linen, 26 x 16 inches...
Out on the newsstands now for Cycle World magazine;

Cycle World - working shot...

fiedler May 8, 2014
Richard Borge May 8, 2014
Doug, these are amazing.
Richard Downs May 8, 2014
Agree. Love these paintings, Doug. The CB on the right brings back some memories!
THIBEAULT May 8, 2014
The Poplars are just grand. I love your landscapes.
Hal Mayforth May 9, 2014
A very impressive set. Nice work, Doug.
Victor Juhasz May 9, 2014
Yeah. Really like these paintings. Love the shadows on the street in the Cougar painting and really enjoy what you've done with the poplars.
Leo Espinosa May 10, 2014
Man, those CB750's! Wow
Carl Wiens May 10, 2014
Love the paintings, that vector piece is killer, Doug!
Tatsuro May 12, 2014
Beautiful paintings. Love the poplars too. I can feel the wind.
Harry May 14, 2014
Ah Doug, I'm a sucker for that wireframe view, and your paintings are incredible. I would kill for the 750-4. Great work.
Harry May 14, 2014
I imagine you're showing thee in galleries. Please send a price list if you are.
Scott Bakal May 15, 2014
Sweet stuff, Doug! Love the car!
Greg Clarke May 21, 2014
Beautiful images as always Doug!
Jim Paillot May 21, 2014
These are so outstanding, Douglas. "Poplars" is wonderful.
Jody Hewgill May 28, 2014
Love the paintings Doug. Very cool abstraction to the poplars. I'm fascinated with your depiction of wheels, it's definitely a Doug Fraser thing, the treatment blends on the motorcycles because of the various planes, but it becomes more of a juxtaposition in the more traditional depiction of the car. I would love to hear your thoughts on this. ( your wheels that is, not specially my comment)
All images copyright Douglas Fraser