posted: November 18, 2014
Almost getting run over, or just having some passer-by looking at me gawking on. Then fumbling out my tiny cheap camera, yes it's digital. No phone though. I have one at home that works without thumbs, you can simply speak into it. Pulling over on the side of a busy road has others thinking I'm crazy, or up to to no-good. A security guard looking at me staring at patterns in the pavement. One security guard at a construction site told me that some guys photograph the equipment on-site for stealing later. He said that there are thieves that steal to order. Having a record of potentials helps them shop the targeted machines to prospective clients. Many client/customers are out of country. Wow, an export market. I wonder if those thieves use phones to photograph. Or would they prefer a more precise photographic record of quality. Hhmm… yeah probably not. Maybe there's an app they use, hell maybe tweetin' out, hahaha better yet a facebook page for stolen construction equipment. Moving on…..not the quickest way there, more of an alternate route. Wandering into a light industrial area there's a lawn mower repair shop….
Syrup - oils on panel - 30.5cm x 23cm...

Road Flowers - oils on panel - 61cm x 30.5cm...

Mowers - oils on panel - 91.5cm x 30.5cm...

Mowers - detail...
Shade Bridge - oils on panel - 71cm x 17.8cm...

Mark McBride November 18, 2014
I am so diggin those mowers Doug! So loving them! Reminds me of my teen years when I use to cut lawns to earn some money on the side. Ahhhh 20 bucks a yard. Price included the cutting and the edging. Great job Doug, great job! And don't worry about people thinking you're crazy. Bob Ross once said something along the lines that artist are expected to be a little weird.
fiedler November 18, 2014
Scott Bakal November 19, 2014
Great story and great paintings, Doug. Love them all. Please...more!
Paul Rogers November 19, 2014
Two things. First, the shadows on that syrup container. Second, I bet that lawn mower shop smelled great.
Tatsuro November 20, 2014
Beautiful paintings. Love your trees!
Andy Ward November 20, 2014
More real than reality. And the element of danger adds to the flavour Doug, great work!
Victor Juhasz November 20, 2014
These are such treats for the eyes. Great compositions and realizations.
Carl Wiens November 21, 2014
All fantastic, esp. Road Flowers. Great commentary on the (mis)adventures of an artist!
Nancy Stahl November 23, 2014
Where's the "like" button? I'd be hitting it like mad..!
Alan Witschonke November 25, 2014
"Mowers" rocks! I can see it as a room-sized mural.
joHo December 16, 2015
Always a big fan of your Illustration these strangely serene, tightly composed paintings, seem personally charged yet universal in their dynamic reductionism- Love em!
All images copyright Douglas Fraser