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posted: February 7, 2016
I've been exploring my own framing the last few years. I see some very interesting history on the backside of framed pieces of artwork in galleries. The handmade craftsmanship that went into some of the older pieces has been inspirational for me to take my own thoughts into framing my own work. It's an extention of my interest and thoughts about materials. Also frames have provided a bit of protection from the enviteable shuffling of paintings in a gallery setting. Kind of a merging of a subtle intention of the artist in materials, presentation, and practicality.
Stapler - oils on panel, 16 x 8 inches...

Frame materials - 1/4" fir plywood, poplar, and recycled....

Part# 2-15533 Dispenser Cup - oils on panel, 17 x 13 inches...

Frame materials - 1/4" poplar and recycled....

And on another note;
I do really enjoy working with vector based graphics. My old Mac was eight years and could not be upgraded. Thank you Apple. So after recently updating the OS on my new refurbished computer, I had to deal with the inevitable fallout of solid running hardware(Scanner, printers, tablet, optical drive, monitor…) being turned into landfill by software “upgrades”. It was a lot of work, and frustration, but it’s all hanging together. I do not enjoy pouring my funds into a computer. They hold their value like a bucket full of holes. I’m running the latest OS now, but I had to do a lot of research to keep my version of Adobe CS6 running. With Adobe moving backwards to a 19th century feudal payment system where workers no longer own their work. Like serfs working the land for the lord(corporation). Never mind the sales pitching from their website(how great the new CC is…blah blah), and being squeezed with updates into a forced obsolescence. So I recently took the step and purchased new Affinity software(Photo & Designer). It’s been a learning curve, but I’m really starting to enjoy some of the new attributes of what I see with their offering. Not to mention a MUCH more rational cost of ownership. That’s right you own your own copy. Still lots to learn though.
NeoBike Thingy - 2D vector, Working with CS6 illustrator, with extra help from Affinity Designer. Kind of a bridge piece....

Affinty Designer - workspace...

THIBEAULT February 7, 2016
I love the way you produce strong tangible form in a 2D image. Nice touch with the reference to "Tide" in the dispenser painting.
Douglas Fraser February 7, 2016
Appreciated. You made it through even with my typing, and spell check throwing down potholes.
Richard Downs February 8, 2016
Nice work Doug and backside presentation. I recently had the opportunity to view a small stretched canvas all prepped for paint that was shipping to John Currin and it was such an unbelievable piece of craftsmanship on the backside of an art substrate.
Mark McBride February 9, 2016
Great work Doug! Quick question. At some point I'm going to need to upgrade myself. Does Affinity work like Photoshop?
Douglas Fraser February 9, 2016
Mark, there is an Affinity Photo. It will demand that you learn some new commands, and somewhat different approach, but the results are competitive with Adobe products for a fraction of the price. I was never a big Photoshop user, more a vector user in Illustrator. You should checkout their website, and some online reviews. They offer a free trial version.
Mark Martel February 22, 2016
I've heard good things about a free Photoshop replacement called Gimp.
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