Camaro & Dirt Bike
posted: November 28, 2016
I think it was the combination of the flat bone white bleached paint with dry grass, plywood clad garage, the tar papered house, in a yard that looked forgotten & sadly beautiful at the same time. The car, a Camaro, looked as though it had not moved in quite some time. The plates seem current, but the registration tags didn't. If a car could have a personality this one seemed to wear a mullet. A hero of an era that had passed. The symbol of earlier muscle cars that had roared, then faded to be replaced by a pale stand-in like this one. A symbol of main street cruzin’ cool, and V8 power that had long ago been castrated. Hmmm …brings to mind the song by The Dead Milkmen, Bitchin’ Camaro.
Early thumbnail pencil sketch - 1.7 x 1.1 inches...

Base sketch - 14 x 9 inches...

Camaro & Garage - oils on panel, 16 x 25 inches...
Dirt Bike - Huskie - oils on panel, 18 x 13 inches...

Chris Spollen November 29, 2016
Lovely Work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.Best
Alan Witschonke November 29, 2016
Love the muted palette of both of these and the shorthand strokes you used for the dried grass above. The cool shadows give it an almost moonlit feel.
Richard Downs November 29, 2016
Nice Huskie.
Mark Fisher November 29, 2016
That rectangular patch of sky is IT!
THIBEAULT November 29, 2016
Masterful as Usual!!
Paul Rogers November 30, 2016
Dale Stephanos December 5, 2016
Wicked good!
Rob Dunlavey December 24, 2016
agreed about the rectangle of sky. And of course the whole thing is excellent!
Jim Paillot January 3, 2017
Beautiful! I especially love how you handled the color variations in the grass.
All images copyright Douglas Fraser