Flower & Tiger
posted: February 1, 2017
It’s winter and my activities are more inside. The sun’s low in the sky, and the days are short. A breath of warmth is through an orchid that resides on our kitchen table. The little gem holds it’s bloom for quite along time. At least compared to other potted and pampered offerings. When having a coffee or sitting to eat, this little friend pleasantly offers it’s beauty. It whispers warmer days are ahead. 
Orchid - pencil sketch...

Orchid - oils on panel, 11 x 14 inches...

Hey Sport - oils on panel, 24 x 10 inches...

Carl's Tiger - oils on panel, 14 x 10 inches...

Kyle February 10, 2017
Alan Witschonke February 17, 2017
Nice, muted colors. Spring ain't here yet! The bikes are great...
Mark McBride March 19, 2017
Hey Doug, sorry it's been a while, as always great art but when you have a moment send me your email again so we can catch the way, I'm an elementary school art teacher now! :-)
Victor Juhasz March 28, 2017
Strong work as always, Doug.
All images copyright Douglas Fraser