Douglas Fraser

Texas Monthly small run

JANUARY 10, 2008
Something to get the ball rolling. A little while back I was doing a regular page for the Texas Monthly magazine. It was a kind of currents events page. It started with TJ Tucker as art director. Then quite quickly I was working with Rachel Wyatt. The last few were done with Andi Beierman. Most were done with Rachel Wyatt, and she was very easy to work with. I usually got an email near the end of the month that outlined the subject. The subject or themes were were varied. Which allowed me to move around some with the feel of each piece. I also was encouraged to try and vary my technique for each. The page was titled "The Filter: Events". Sadly it became ground down somewhat over the last few assignments due to heavier direction. My experience lasted about a year and half. The experience I enjoyed over all.
Texas Rodeo
Essence music festival
Shakespeare festival
Indy car race
Exhibition of Lucy's bones
Review of the Menil modern museum in TX
Japanese culture
Construction of a new contemporary museum
Carol Burnett
Topical: Editorial