Texas Monthly small run
posted: January 10, 2008
Something to get the ball rolling. A little while back I was doing a regular page for the Texas Monthly magazine. It was a kind of currents events page. It started with TJ Tucker as art director. Then quite quickly I was working with Rachel Wyatt. The last few were done with Andi Beierman. Most were done with Rachel Wyatt, and she was very easy to work with. I usually got an email near the end of the month that outlined the subject. The subject or themes were were varied. Which allowed me to move around some with the feel of each piece. I also was encouraged to try and vary my technique for each. The page was titled "The Filter: Events". Sadly it became ground down somewhat over the last few assignments due to heavier direction. My experience lasted about a year and half. The experience I enjoyed over all.
Texas Rodeo...
Essence music festival...
Shakespeare festival...
Indy car race...
Exhibition of Lucy's bones...
Review of the Menil modern museum in TX...
Japanese culture...
Construction of a new contemporary museum...
Carol Burnett...
Laura Levine January 10, 2008
Welcome, Doug! I've long been an admirer of your work. These are all wonderful - and what a great take on Carol Burnett!
Adam McCauley January 10, 2008
Beautiful work, Douglas! Welcome, a great first post. My favorite is the race car.
Doug Fraser January 10, 2008
Laura And Adam thanks. I'm flattered to be on the site. It's been a little bit of a comedy for me to figger out the software. I keep hacking and learning.
Marc January 10, 2008
Welcome to Drawger, Doug. I love your work, and TM is a great magazine with lots of wonderful illustration. I look forward to seeing more of your work here.
Tim O\'Brien January 10, 2008
Welcome Doug, I'm a long time admirer of your work. This is a great start in that it shows all the different ways you can work. Fantastic. Looking forward to more. Tim O'Brien
Jim Paillot January 10, 2008
Talk about a peach assignment! Welcome to the site Doug. These are terrific. The Texas Rodeo piece is a knockout.
John Dykes January 10, 2008
Beauties all of 'em! Great to see your work up, Douglas... Love the range of techniques you are doing... j.
Leo Espinosa January 10, 2008
Hey buddy, nice to have you here! I'm preparing a surprise for you so stay tuned. I like all these new things you are trying, from high contrast to more textured stuff. Bienvenido a Drawger
Christoph Hitz January 10, 2008
Doug, Great to have You here, welcome to Drawger!
David Flaherty January 10, 2008
Hi Doug, welcome to Drawger. Great stuff. I'm fond of the essence piece.
Paul Rogers January 10, 2008
Doug, Welcome to Drawger, pal! I knew you'd figure out the software and these pieces are all great. Plus, the gallery of sketches on your main page are fantastic!! I don't have to tell you that I've been keeping a file of your work since the eighties and I can never get enough of it. Looking forward to seeing a lot of it on this site. PR
Doug Fraser January 10, 2008
Wow, I definitely want to thank you all for checking out my first article. It's been definitely encouraging to have you all respond. Now I'll check out more of The Drawger community.
Edel Rodriguez January 10, 2008
Great to have you here Doug! I think you've done work for me in every one of these techniques. I love the variety of it.
Bob Staake January 10, 2008
great to see you jumping in here with us, doug -- and welcome!
Cathleen Toelke January 10, 2008
Welcome, Doug! You know I'm a fan from way back, and it's a always a pleasure to see your work. What a cream assignment, having that freedom of technique...too often it's the opposite.
Mike Moran January 10, 2008
Hey Doug. Wonderful work, welcome!
Dale Stephanos January 10, 2008
Welcome to the jungle Doug. Like everyone else I've been a fan for a long time. I'm looking forward to seeing what you're up to.
Rob Dunlavey January 10, 2008
Doug: I really like and respect all of this little roundup. My favorite? The building of a new contemporary Art museum. That cloud behind the structure just adds something vaguely disquieting that turns it into an editorial illustration with depth. Welcome to Drawger!
Mark Fisher January 10, 2008
Doug, Hi, bet you don't remember me. That's cause we never met! Welcome to drawger. Your work is tops.
Carl Wiens January 10, 2008
Fantastic! Great to have you here, Doug. Welcome aboard!
Steve January 10, 2008
Doug: The work is so eloquent. Very direct, powerfully designed. And the use of black is very brave. Each one works beautifully. And with different solutions. And are great BIG!!!! Welcome aboard! Delighted you're here. Please keep us posted. Steve Brodner
Robert Hunt January 11, 2008
Welcome to Drawger Doug!
Stephen Kroninger January 11, 2008
Looking forward to your posts, Mr. Fraser.
Randy Jones January 11, 2008
As one Canuck to another, welcome to Drawger
Peter Hermann January 11, 2008
A warm welcome to drawger. I absolutely love the Texas rodeo drawing, so much energy in those slashing brushstrokes. I'll look forward to you posts Mr. Fraser. Just checked out your sketchbook section... super stuff all around.
Richard Allen January 11, 2008
Beautiful selection. Interesting getting your candid thoughts on a regular assignment and how different styles of direction can impact on your enjoyment of the work. Welcome to Drawger, Doug. (coincidentally, I was just last night leafing through an old copy of Creation which had a nice feature on your work).
Zina Saunders January 11, 2008
Welcome aboard, Doug!
Harry January 11, 2008
Hey Doug, What an incredible body of work. Drawger is a place where I've found myself in the company of those I at one time couldn't have imagined. I'll echo the rest-admired your work from the beginning, way back. TJ Tucker left me a message the other day about doing a few illos but haven't heard back. Hey TJ give me a ring.
Hal Mayforth January 11, 2008
Welcome aboard, Doug. As a long time admirer of your work, it's great to have you in the mix.
Chris Buzelli January 11, 2008
Doug, Welcome! I'm a huge fan of your work. Can't wait to see more posts.
Steve Wacksman January 11, 2008
I like to be late to a party- I think of it as making a grand entrance. But it looks like I am waaay beyond 'fashionably late' here. Regardless, let me be the 31st person to say welcome, Doug. I, like everybody else here, have been a fan of your work for years.
daveB January 11, 2008
digital or analog one of my favorite illustrators ever and the coolest thing straight outta Canada since Rush
Robert Saunders January 11, 2008
Welcome, Doug! Longtime fan of your work, in particular the endpapers you did for one of the illustration directories way back. And all your other stuff of course.
Lou Brooks January 11, 2008
Hi, Doug... I've been a fan of your art for a long long time. Cool stuff here... as usual! Yes, TJ and Rachel have both been great to work with. Lou Brooks
Nancy Stahl January 11, 2008
I'm so glad to see your work here on drawger. Wish I had checked in earlier so I could have written what I had planned. I don't want to be the 34th person to say the same things.... but I am..! Ditto everything above.
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