Nuclear Pies
posted: September 30, 2008
Just hitting the newsstand in Alberta, Canada is the most recent issue of Alberta Views Magazine. Alberta, for those that don't know is north of Montana, on the east side of the Rockies. Oil, and ranching are big in this Canadian Province. There is a ironic issue being pounded out in Alberta surrounding the question of nuclear power. Alberta is home to one of the largest oil deposits in the world, yet is being pressured by the nuclear industry to build a reactor in the north part of the province. The article I did illustrations for seemed well written and detailed. The Nuclear industry will always frame the question in an either-or manner, to achieve the prescribed answer. The discussion of Renewables, and their future development, and growing strength is quickly dismissed by the Nuclear factions. Also real bottom line numbers on the cost of Nuclear is never shown in the light of day. The term "Bullshit" is in the text, and backed up. The opening illustration is obvious in subject, with the half page image follow-up being the Renewables, wind & solar. So I've now painted crap, to the affirmation of some.
Opener art...
Half page - The Renewables, Wind & Solar...
Mark Fisher September 30, 2008
Doug, what's the half life of crap? Love the atomic flies.
Adam McCauley October 1, 2008
It's a great idea to replace protons with houseflies when it comes to Nuclear power. A great visual solution. Thanks for the post Doug.
Cathie Bleck October 1, 2008
I love those animals...great concept and execution!!
Cathleen Toelke October 1, 2008
Wonderfully conceived, and very witty details, too. Terrific job.
Harry Campbell October 1, 2008
Beautiful work, particularly the rendering of those patties. On that issue, incredible how much pollution the raising of cattle releases. We all need to use less so we don't need to talk about more and more energy, and where we're going to get it.
Doug Fraser October 1, 2008
Mark, Ha! hhhmm... I think the half life of crap is infinitesimal compared to that of the radioactive variety. Adam, the direct "concept" was done through sketches, and the friendly art director, Steve Arthur. Cathie, thank you. The symbol of horse based Renewables is to counter the cow-like complacency of the Nuclear industry. Cathleen, I've illustrated a new low, but it was a fun. Harry, painting a cow pie is like illustrating a wet sock. I do agree with your fundamental point about consumption.
Leo Espinosa October 1, 2008
me like the flies too. go, wind and solar, go!
Paul Rogers October 1, 2008
Can you see Russia from Alberta? Nice painting, we don't see enough flies and stink lines in illustration anymore.
Doug Fraser October 1, 2008
Leo, let's hope the good guys win! Paul, I'm only stealing the good stuff.
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