posted: February 9, 2009
Aviva Michaelov phoned with an assignment for the week in review section of the New York Times. The art was for the weekend of the Super Bowl, and subject being on America's number one pastime. I guess in a number of survey's it's been football that has come out on top. Although more people actually play baseball. Basketball's placement varied from survey to survey. The art was going to appear in color, and black & white. I shuffled the colors for the different applications.
color - website usage...
black & white - newspaper...
Harry Campbell February 9, 2009
Strong stuff. They picked the right guy for this one. Nice. I also think they chose the right sketch. I'm on the side of baseball.
Joseph Fiedler February 9, 2009
Saw it! Looks great [is that the hand separated style?]. Your header art is fabulous BTW!
David Flaherty February 9, 2009
Great stuff.
Doug Fraser February 9, 2009
thanks guys. Yes, Joseph, that's the hand seps. The layers(tiff scans) are put together in Adobe Illustrator. Simple and direct. The header is something I did for BLAB!
Walter Vasconcelos February 10, 2009
Hi Doug, STRONG work!
Leo Espinosa February 10, 2009
Your work is like good espresso in a world of mocca-frappu-venti-soy-cappuccinos.
Dale Stephanos February 10, 2009
Pow! Right in the face. Nice work Doug. The subject makes me think of George Carlin's classic routine about baseball vs. football. If you haven't seen or heard it, it's probably on youtube.
Drew Friedman February 10, 2009
Ditto, Great!
Christoph Hitz February 10, 2009
The color final is terrific. Like an early RAW magazine cover.
Doug Fraser February 10, 2009
Espresso & RAW, damn! thank you.
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