Adolescent Tendencies
posted: March 15, 2009
I've mentioned the subject of adolescent tendencies. Here's something I did for a as yet "undisclosed Lucasfilm project." I checked with the organizer of the project, he said it would be okay to post. It was fun to play with the subject that had such impact in my mind when the first film came out. The title of the piece is "1/24th Scale".
Oil based media on masonite...
Paul Rogers March 15, 2009
Big Daddy Vader! Darth Fink Lives!
gMably March 15, 2009
Beautiful painting, Doug. Really stirs up memories of Revell kits, Barris Kustoms & Hot Wheels. I loved all that stuff as a kid.
Doug Fraser March 15, 2009
Paul, The Dark side doesn't die, they just go faster. "If I gotta' explain you'll never understand". As a kid I was California dreamin', you're a lucky man Mr.Rogers. Greg, I hear ya'.
Rob Dunlavey March 15, 2009
I WISH I still had all my old dragster drawings! Don Garlitts. Rat Fink. What ever happened to those drawings?? There were a lot. Doug, I like how you pay homage to that genre but keep it firmly in your style and emotional space. Good luck with the project!
Roberto Parada March 15, 2009
Doug... Awesome!!
Jeffrey Smith March 16, 2009
Doug, Very cool, but don't tell me you didn't go out and find this Monster Hot Rod on the streets of Bell, California... Ha!
Mark Fisher March 16, 2009
Cool! Hope you mixed some Testors into the paint.
Walter Vasconcelos March 16, 2009
Very cool! I would like to see this in toy form.
Leo Espinosa March 16, 2009
I see a line of toys, here! Great piece, Doug! I perfectly understood your thoughts on adolescent tendencies and your work shows the right interpretation of it. It has happened to me often than when talking to other parents at my kids' school and I tell them what I do for a living their faces change, their eyes pop and they say "wow" or "that's so cool". It's like we got the chance to stay home and play everyday, blasting our music while doodling, painting and reading comic books like eternal teenagers while they have to go out there and do real work. It's totally awesome, dude!"
Rob Dunlavey March 16, 2009
Leo, that's great! See what you started Doug?!
J.D. King March 16, 2009
Talk about a dream job. Color me green -- WITH ENVY, you bastid!
Richard Borge March 16, 2009
Fantastic Doug, what a project!
Mark Fisher March 16, 2009
Doug, fantastic link! Thanks.
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