posted: March 25, 2009
2/8 Sketches. This is my second sketch. I was impressed with the character development for a younger reader. The book did not seem preachy or speak done to the reader. Also there was one girl on the team. She had a pink glove. I wanted to make one of the gloves pink amid a bunch of scruffy boys....
oils on board...
Well I did a young adult book cover my first. It's as close as I've done to a children's book in my life lately. I did do David & Goliath years ago. The art director, Rich Deas, ran me some. He's a good guy, but I was starting to..... well here's the sketches, and final. The story is about a gang of contemporary youths centered around their urban/suburban struggles, and the baseball team they form. The publisher and art director wanted art that would get the boys reading. The title is,"Top of the Order", and it's to be one of a series. The author is John Coy. He has written quite a few youth books.
2/8 sketch. I was interested in the lives of the characters. I felt the environment was a way to allude to the larger picture of their lives. Way too crazy with the fingers....
3/8 Sketch. The Art director saw a piece I had done before and wanted more energy....
4/8 sketch, Pull back show the kids....
5/8 sketch Pull back, and keep that space for the title, and author....
6/8 sketch. Rich wanted more smack in the hit....
7/8 sketch Rich is liking it but........
8/8 sketch. Rich is happy. A tighter crop, and I finally received an approval to go to finish. Ha! ...
Tim OBrien March 25, 2009
Great sketches and finish Doug. Rich Deas is a great talent. My wife is a AD at Scholastic and knows him from his days there. She thinks he's one of the best ADs out there. I tend to agree. Must be a taste gene running through that family.
David Flaherty March 25, 2009
Yes, the sketches are particularly wonderful. Doug. (this does not imply any dislike of the final!)
Jim Paillot March 26, 2009
Really nice sketches, Doug. I love #2. Brings back some sandlot memories. Your finish has got some power. I think it'll go a long ways towards getting more boys to read.
VICTOR JUHASZ March 26, 2009
Very nice Doug. I enjoyed viewing your thought process, and the sketches are real fun and strong to boot.
Doug Fraser March 26, 2009
Thanks for the response on the sketches gentleman. I definitely don't usually do as many sketches for an assignment, but I am very happy to be working on a book cover again. It's been some time since I've done one. lately its mostly institutional, or advertising, with some editorial. I've been depressed by some of the photoshopped covers I've seen on the paperbacks at the newsstand lately.
Marc Rosenthal March 26, 2009
The jump from sketch to finish is pretty amazing. I would have been happy with most any of them.
Paul Rogers March 28, 2009
Doug,You're giving the art directors way too much. That first sketch was ready to go.
Mark McBride April 23, 2009
I am really learning a lot from you Doug. Just the way you go from sketches to the final peice its such a cool process to see. Its like the more time you take with a peice the better it looks. I wish I could be more patient. I am in such a hurry to see the finished look of my work but I will work harder on that. Other than that Your Art work is just great.
Lolo May 10, 2010
cool drwings Doug!
lillian November 29, 2010
john coy came to my school today and told us to check out your drawings.they are awesome!!!!!! you are a great artist.
HELEN February 16, 2011
nice drawings there awesome
kittehkat February 17, 2011
NICE drawings! :D
libin February 17, 2011
awsome drwinz doug and john coy came to my school it was awsome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
jibril February 17, 2011
nicholas February 17, 2011
joy coy rocks i love his drawing he came to my school i love all his books u rock joy coy
robyn February 17, 2011
the drawings are awsome and i think the final cover looks great john coy came tomy school
Farah March 7, 2011
OH MY GOD john coy came to our school oh and nice stuff Dong!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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