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posted: April 8, 2009

Still working on my illustration assignments, but stayin' up a little later to do some of my own stuff. I painted a grain car that was parked on the rails in my home town. I was back visiting family in Alberta. The western prairies are home to a lot of grain, barley, flax, and canola. The cars wear the markings of their journeys. I wanted to distort the car, and get that big sky. It's oils on a wooden panel. Horizontal formats are my favs, and usually don't fare well in the print world, or on monitors. I added a detail to try, and offer a feeling of the surface.

Zina Saunders April 8, 2009
Very strong picture. I like the way the organic shapes of the clouds contrast with the angular machined shapes of the car and the graffiti laying over it. It's like you're picturing an evolution from organic cloud to less organic man made graffiti to entirely angular machine. I also really like the negative shapes created by the undercarriage.
Leo Espinosa April 8, 2009
I was up last night when you posted this but although I liked it I didn't know exactly why. I know now: I love how poetic it is and how it takes the somehow ordinary background of our lifes and makes us pause and absorb it all. Also, the playful tags sometime look very well integrated to the rest but other times the look like somebody actually stepped into your studio at night and tagged it. That's a really cool effect.
Gary Taxali April 8, 2009
This illustration makes me wish I was visiting the prairies again. Simply divine, Doug. I live right by the train tracks here in Toronto and I swear I've seen this train, perhaps on its way across the country.
John Dykes April 8, 2009
Love to see the original.... it would be great to create an exhibition of illustrators views - or interpretations of life, landscapes, and the world that surrounds us. I'd stay up very late to work on that one(!)
Cathleen Toelke April 8, 2009
This painting is like a childhood memory for me, too. There was a rural train crossing about a half a mile down a side road from where I grew up. I loved to ride my bike up to the crossing and watch the cars pass. I had strict orders not to get close to the tracks. When my father was a kid, he got hit in the forehead by a pebble bouncing off a passing train on those same tracks. He had a little dent from the incident on the top side of his forehead. PS Wonderful banner painting, too.
Paul Rogers April 8, 2009
What a badass! If I could paint like this I'd stay up late too. Good to see this on Drawger's larger format. How big is the original?
gMably April 8, 2009
Awesome. I love your choices of subject matter.
Doug Fraser April 8, 2009
Everyone your feedback, and recollections are appreciated. Paul, the piece is 24 x 12 inches.
Hal Mayforth April 8, 2009
As the father of 3 boys who were big on trains, I spent numerous Sunday mornings watching the freight trains rolling south through Montpelier Junction carrying plywood. That being said, I really dig this painting. Keep it up, Doug.
WAM April 8, 2009
Love this. Lines are so clean, what's your secret?
Carl Wiens April 8, 2009
Wheat Pool. Beautiful piece, Doug!
Peter Cusack April 12, 2009
Poetry Doug . . . feels like a short story is behind this.
Mark McBride April 23, 2009
Curious to know, how long does something this awesome take from skecth to finish? This peice really does look great. I love the way the sky looks off the train, the colors pass the baton like they would in a marathon. Everything is flowing in this peice. DOUG YOU ROCK!!! Keep the work coming.
sedrique February 17, 2011
i think all your pictures are awsome !!!!
sedrique February 17, 2011
sedrique February 17, 2011
i cant wait until u draw the the new cover for john coy's new book
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