Farewell Pontiac
posted: June 1, 2009
Follow-up to Carl's post. Ole' Goats are passing by as GM says good-bye to Pontiac. I did own a '68 GTO years ago. I know their time has past, but the memories are real. I couldn't add the cool Judge logo in this illustration for copyright reasons. The cars that sport the Pontiac logo today just leave my jaw on the ground in disblief.

Carl Wiens June 1, 2009
Oh man, that's nice! Doug Fraser meets Big Daddy Roth. That's the kind of drawing chops I dreamed of in public school, the doodles that lined the margins of my notebooks. Never had the pleasure of owning the dream, Doug. Glad you survived.
Dale Stephanos June 1, 2009
Nice Doug!
Adam McCauley June 1, 2009
Wow, that is badass!! I love it all, but especially the way you did the rear hubcap. I see no driver, only this BD Roth meets Dennis Weaver in the Duel sequel?
WAM June 1, 2009
Reminds of the ole CARTOONS mag but 10 times more "badass"!
Paul Rogers June 2, 2009
I know the memories of that 68 GTO are accompanied by the sounds of "Ballroom Blitz" on the 8-track. Nice drawing.
Doug Fraser June 2, 2009
Hot Rod, and Car Craft magazines were prized possessions, and the copies of CARtoons were read to a dog eared state. The work of Alex Toth kept my adolesent brain revving. Paul, no eight track in it, but I was cruising Desolation Boulevard.
Richard Borge June 2, 2009
ah, nice one Doug.
Jim Paillot June 2, 2009
Great hot rod, Doug.
Mark McBride June 7, 2009
I had to print this one and put it on my Doug Fraser wall of fame. Its one of favorites. Love it Doug!
Xerxes Irani June 12, 2009
I have never owned a REAL Pontiac, old or new. BUT I do own this Fraser original, and it is hanging on the wall right behind me. Thanks Mr. F.
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