Sub Bust Security
posted: June 29, 2009
Recently finished assignment with the art director, Roy Comiskey, at Security Management magazine. Working with Roy is a pleasure. He's a real fan of illustration and painting. Talking over the assignment with him is a mix professionalism, and fun. The subject is about the ongoing struggle to stop converted vessels loaded with illegal drugs from entering U.S. waters. The converted vessels are sub-like in their final form. Very low to the waterline as to make them almost undetectable.
Above view....
Down low, and level....
Final art....
Leo Espinosa June 29, 2009
Nice way to solve the water, it looks like was sculpted. That was an interesting article in The Times Magazine a couple of months ago. Those subs are built in the Colombian jungle and are very difficult to spot. Crazy!!!
Victor Juhasz June 29, 2009
Wow. Super image. The vessels look like a cross between kayaks and the Civil War Monitor.
Mark Fisher June 29, 2009
Spectacular! And that water!
Doug Fraser June 29, 2009
Leo, yes, and they are quickly scuttled by the occupants the moment they know they're discover. This sends the craft to the bottom, and no evidence. Also the coast guard becomes their rescuers. They usually just fly home if the sub and contents are lost. Victor, yes the reference I saw was of dull gray colors. It made them feel like old crude war vessels. Mark, thank you!
Richard Downs June 29, 2009
Excellent, I really like the water and how the vessel seems to rock in it.lots of movement.
Zina Saunders June 30, 2009
I really like the shadowed face and the way that works with the mood of the whole piece.
Harry Campbell June 30, 2009
Hey Doug, always well thought out work from you. Are you doing these digitally? the style is all you but it doesn't look like your usual medium, either way-very powerful-all your figs have authority. I use to work for Roy-way back in another style. He is a great guy. When I was working with him back around 2000 he was doing his own series of portraits of Civil War generals.
Rob Dunlavey June 30, 2009
One thing that's interesting to me in this piece is how it brings the military mind-set into an everyday crime setting. Low-tech and creepy. I love how you did the water too.
Cathleen Toelke June 30, 2009
Oppressive and beautifully done. That red entering the composition is a great stroke. I really enjoyed the story-I didn't know about these vessels. Roy is cool.
Paul Rogers June 30, 2009
The color is great, but they could have run the sketch!
Peter Hermann June 30, 2009
Love it. very sequential with the pencil drawings. Nice new header.
Doug Fraser June 30, 2009
Good to hear the responses about Roy Comiskey. He's definitely an asset to illustrators. Harry, yes the final is digital. I'm working with Adobe Illustrator software as I know you know.
Walter Vasconcelos June 30, 2009
Strong work Doug,the graphic solution for the water is perfect.
Jim Paillot June 30, 2009
Very cool. Love the water and blocky shadows on their faces.
Mark McBride July 5, 2009
I can also appriciate people who love illustration and art, the not too picky type I can dig. nice digi work Doug.
All images copyright Douglas Fraser