'65 Pan
posted: July 23, 2009
Many other manufactures have tried to copy the line it laid down, and not been seen to do so. I've looked closely at the copies, and see the many plastic parts that stand in for the metal of the original. I'm not a chopper fan, no obnoxious pipes please, just an original used, but not abused classic. It's not the only bike I care to own, just one of a hundred. The name alone is a theme, Electra Glide.
1965 Electra Glide - Pan Head engine...
no "Buddy" seat, just a classic "Pan" seat....
Kyle T Webster July 23, 2009
Very cool, Doug. I love the hexagonal and octagonal shapes used to represent the wheels, and other 'round' areas. Sophisticated color, too. Any interest in making this a print and selling it at bike dealerships or other suitable places? Is this part of a series?
Robert Blake July 23, 2009
Beautiful! My kind of bike!
Leo Espinosa July 23, 2009
Gorgeous! I smell big silk screened posters, Doug.
Christoph Hitz July 23, 2009
I dig this one, gorgeous!
Lou Brooks July 23, 2009
You're a man after my own heart, Doug, as you have been so many times. Bee-yootiful!
Russ Willms July 23, 2009
I'm with Leo, I want to see you in an apron playing with silk screen ink! Love the piece.
Steve Wacksman July 23, 2009
So beautiful, Doug. What size and medium? Bikes and muscle cars were true works of art at one point. There's a certain inauthenticity to the current designs that try to recapture that spirit - the Chargers and Interceptors and Fatboys all fall flat. I always admire the squareness of the smaller Japanese motorbikes of the 1960s and 70's. Look at a Honda 305 dream - it's sheer design perfection.
gregm July 23, 2009
Fantastic! I can feel the earth shake.
Doug Fraser July 23, 2009
It's a vector file done in Adobe Illustrator. As to what I'm going do with it? It's gonna get printed. Lot's of good suggestions here. I started it after a discussion with a good friend. I'm a fan of all types of motorcycles. Steve, I agree, and there's a huge list of more. Lately I've been more drawn to "used or pre-owned" bikes. It's the patina they have. They don't have to be collector bikes, just "really" in some sense. Oh yeah, Mr. Blake I believe your's was in blue.
Victor Juhasz July 23, 2009
Love the drawing. You have great command of bold line work.
Walter Vasconcelos July 23, 2009
Very good! Great graphic solution.
Richard Downs July 23, 2009
Doug, I love the the way it's dragging its tail. It looks so weighty, unwieldy and perfectly, classic!.
Mark Gervais July 24, 2009
SMO KING HOT!! Any plans for a W650? heh heh.
Mark Fisher July 24, 2009
Carved out of digital lead!
Chris Whetzel July 24, 2009
Doug, this is a REALLY cool piece; I also really enjoy how you are able to work in different mediums while maintaining that distinct "FRASER" look. Its very inspirational to try other mediums!
Carl Wiens July 24, 2009
Vector? Damn!! Mighty fine work, Doug!
harry July 25, 2009
Gawd! I love this. I agree, love the bikes, can't tolerate the screaming pipes anymore. I actually had a HD 883 but that's really not the real thing. Some call that passenger seat a uh- bitch pad. Beautiful work. I want a BMW all terrain bike, nice and quiet and smooth.
Zina Saunders July 26, 2009
I really like the image, especially the feeling of that aged rose-tinted cream.
fuchsy July 27, 2009
any chance there's gonna be a fat boy? love it, btw, not much to add to all the previous comments ;)
leduc July 31, 2009
OMG - I love the lean, the colours, the weight. I'm dizzy for this, or maybe it was the crying baby at 4am.
Mark Pilon August 31, 2009
I really like this piece Doug. Nice colour palette.
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