posted: August 4, 2009
Another automotive Technologue Illustration from Motor Trend. There are many engineers trying to harness energy from many of the mechanical processes going on in a moving car. Well what about the energy generated in shock absorbers? Well it's being developed now. The energy & heat in the shock absorbers of a car can feed power into the electrical system. This means that a bumpier road just might just be the better one. The details are on the newsstand now.
bouncing the sketches...
Zina Saunders August 4, 2009
Yuko Shimizu August 4, 2009
I always loved how you draw/paint mechanics, very contemporary and classic at the same time. (And every time I see your work it reminds me of the time my boss at the time and I insisted you were the only one who could illustrate our company annual report. And we were damn right! Thank you for always being so inspiring!)
Kyle T Webster August 4, 2009
This is super cool, Doug! nice touch with the blurring action.
Leo Espinosa August 4, 2009
Wooo, this thing's powerful!!! I smell burnt rubber and artistic evolution
Doug Fraser August 4, 2009
Zina, Thank you. Yuko, your recollection has me feeling great. Thanks. Kyle, I've very rarely used the blur effect for final art, so this was a real fun one to explore. Leo, thanks for noticing.
Paul Rogers August 4, 2009
I've been looking at this one and jiggling the scroll bar on my browser.
Yuko August 4, 2009
Doug, you are my hero. You really inspired me with those illustrations you did for our annual report. I think I brought a copy with me from Japan when I moved to New York to start in art school. My former boss, who also insisted you are the only one, ended up retiring early and became a sketch artist. I think he would be so jealous if I tell him that I am speaking to you in person like this more than ten years later! :-)
Richard Downs August 4, 2009
Doug, It is so cool that the bolts are in focus like traction or, "when the rubber hits the road". This piece is too active for print!. Motion.
Mark McBride August 16, 2009
Shocking display of colors, love the wheels Doug. Looks like its alive.
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