Summer Memory
posted: September 2, 2009
Fun piece for a themed group show in Calgary, CANADA. The title of the show is Bonfires. It's at the Uppercase gallery. The painting is oils on wooden panel, 9 by 12 inches.
Yuko Shimizu September 2, 2009
I absolutely love this, Doug! As you know, I have always been a fan of your paintings, and your powerful and masculine almost political propaganda style meeting... summer camp! So unexpected. That is why it is so so great. Thank you for a good summer memory. (although, I didn't have bomfire this summer...)
Paul Rogers September 2, 2009
Hey man! We're burning up down here in LA and you're up there painting damn Canadian campfires! I like everything about this, the flames look solid AND transparent; the marshmallows are glowing; a great curved skyline gives us deep distance. Beautiful!
GregM September 2, 2009
Doug, this kicks ass. I really dig the contemporary Lawren Harris vibe.
Doug Fraser September 2, 2009
Thanks Yuko, yes I love marshmallows, a fire, and tales of the socialist struggles.....just having fun with you. Paul, too hot for marshmallows done there. Yeesh! looks like they could melt lead. Thanks for your kind words. Lawren Harris! you honor me sir. A Big Canuck thanks eh, Mr. Mably.
Marc September 2, 2009
Doug, what a great piece. Love the blue flame, the browned edges, and the floating embers, all with your geometric approach. Would love to see this one in person.
Thom Sevalrud September 2, 2009
Lovely Doug. I agree with Greg's reference. Fire as warm glowing sculpture!
Julia Breckenreid September 2, 2009
Ahh, campfire - I didn't have a single one this summer... Really nice Doug!
Carl Wiens September 2, 2009
Coals, Doug, coals. I had this conversation with my kids fifty times this summer. Nobody listens. No wonder those marshmallows are black! Beatifully sculpted, Doug.
Adam McCauley September 3, 2009
Absolutely the most kick-ass marshmallow roasting I have ever seen on canvas. This is not an easy scene to paint, and you've made it art. I had a funny experience recently wherein we were making "s'mores" with a couple of ladies from Amsterdam. They'd never before experienced marshmallows, and were even more confused by s'mores. They hated them through and through, so odd and funny and surprising. Are marshmallows an indiginous North American food?
Zina September 3, 2009
Love the idea and execution of overlapping realities, Doug.
Cathleen Toelke September 3, 2009
Made me smile, Doug! I instantly enjoyed seeing your stylization of the fire and marshmallows, and the way you handled the background. Delightful details. My guess is it may be the best in the Bonfire show!
Mark McBride September 3, 2009
Love the way the marshmallows stand out of the fire. I really like it. I was waiting for you next painted piece Doug and I am never disappointed.
Scott Bakal September 3, 2009
Wonderful and beautiful, Doug! I hope you're doing well!
Chris Buzelli September 3, 2009
Wow! Love how your bonfire has become a Fraser sculptural giant. Gorgeous painting Doug. I like my marshmallows charred!
Richard Downs September 3, 2009
Good one, Doug! Great stylization of fire.
Nick Ramos September 3, 2009
Doug Fraser September 3, 2009
Well it seems marshmallows are one of the universals. I like em' a little over done. Sometimes it's good to get them golden brown and slide off the crunchy shell. Which of course leaves the soft inner part for another go. Or when waiting is too long it's quicker to char the end. You end up eating more the latter way. It must be the sugar that gives the bluish flames.
Jim Paillot September 3, 2009
I love this painting, Doug. The sculpted flames and marshmallows are terrific.
Rob Dunlavey September 4, 2009
You-nique & Yummy! The way you are able to filter just about anything through your "style" and still leave doors open is an object lesson.
Andy Heckathorne September 18, 2009
Beautiful. Looking at this gives me the same great feeling I have when sitting in front of a real campfire--and no smoky after-smell! Great job as usual.
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