Gate D43
posted: November 2, 2009
I've finished another canvas. The subject was a photo I shot out the window of an airport while waiting for our flight. I developed my sketch from elements in my photo. The tarmac/concrete had subtle bands of tone. I worked up a pencil, and did a colour study in vector. The most time consuming part feels more like the stretching of the canvas, and pencilling in the base drawing for paint. The opacity I want takes about 2-3 coats per colour. The final canvas is 24 by 40 inches. The colours in the photo of the canvas are somewhat too vibrant, the final painting is a little more neutral than the image on the monitor. I painted the sides of the canvas as well. The depth of the stretcher gives a feeling of object that I wanted. The painting has a quality the digital colour study just does not have. I do enjoy them both for different reasons. And yes Mr. Rogers, no masking tape was used.

Pencil & Vector colour study...
Colours are off in the photo. Original canvas is more subdued. Oils on canvas, 61cm by 102cm....
Figure detail...
side painting details...
Richard Borge November 2, 2009
Hey Doug, I love it. The shapes and colors of the figure are my favorite bits. really nice
Alex Nabaum November 2, 2009
I especially like how the shadows on the vest tie the overall composition together.
Calef Brown November 2, 2009
Beautiful painting. Thanks for sharing your process, very inspiring.
Victor Juhasz November 2, 2009
Doug, This is so cool. You've really simplified the shapes to their essence here, and subdued version or not, they both look great for different reasons. A wonderful abstract.
Paul Rogers November 2, 2009
These paintings are building up to a great series. When you get a bit older you'll use masking tape.
Kyle T Webster November 2, 2009
Doug, this is totally next level. Killer.
Leo Espinosa November 2, 2009
this is impeccable, Doug. The sides of the stretcher with the blocks of color looks like it was built out of Lego :) Love it.
Doug Fraser November 3, 2009
Thanks everyone for checking in. I've started the next one. My colour study is done, and will be stretching the canvas. It's another horizontal. Must be my prairie roots. The dialogue in the process has really been making me more conscious of the idea of a penetrating neutrality.
Mark Fisher November 3, 2009
"penetrating neutrality" Should the Swiss be afraid? Wonderful forms.
Robert Crawford November 3, 2009
Doug, That's a beauty! I love it. Gorgeous colors.
Rob Dunlavey November 3, 2009
Nice. Very very nice. Like Leo, I'm intrigued by what goes on in the sides of the stretcher. Kind of digital and all stretched out. Seeing the man behind the curtain. Isolate a few pixels and stretch them out into a Rothko or a Diebenkorn.
marcos chin November 3, 2009
beautiful, doug. what a great painting to start the day off with... i'm about to head to my studio soon. thanks for sharing. thanks for the inspiration.
Zina Saunders November 3, 2009
Really great stuff; I love the abstraction.
Alan Witschonke November 3, 2009
Beautiful image, Doug. The lines are so clean, I can't imagine you painting them w/o tape, especially since you say you layer each color 2-3 times. I'm also struck by how exact the painting is to the vector study. How do you transfer and enlarge the study to the canvas?
Doug Fraser November 3, 2009
Alan, for transfer by pencil to my final canvas, I'm using an old art projector from Artograph. I've also used the grid system for smaller pieces, or carbon paper.
Cathleen Toelke November 3, 2009
I keep coming back to the shadow shapes in this, Doug. It's beautiful the way you did them, and the whole feeling of the work. Thanks for the detail and showing your non-masking tape edges.
GregM November 3, 2009
Doug, your artistry dwarfs a 747.
Mark McBride November 3, 2009
I have been doing some studying on painting techniques. Masking tape is used to make straight lines on your paintings. And you did that without masking tape? Thats the work of true master, a master indeed. Doug that really looks great.
Chris Pitzer November 5, 2009
ARTOGRAPH!!! This is great Doug! Have you mentioned if a show is in the works?
Doug Fraser November 5, 2009
Yes Chris, I'm working towards a show. And, yes, an artograph. The antiquated device helps. Still a pain to focus, as the heat it generates can distort the drawing it sits on.
Chris Pitzer November 6, 2009
Well, give us the deats on the show as soon as you know. Some of us might even try and travel to it!
James December 10, 2009
Cool airport. Runways always look really good when it's sunny, all that warm concrete.
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