Gasser Memory
posted: November 8, 2009
Okay yes, it's another Motor Trend, but I'm having fun. This one's about the myth of heavy footed motor freaks. Also an opportunity to pay homage to the memory of Big Daddy. My apologies, but it was fun. From a time when counter culture still was. Thank you Andy Foster!
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Mark Fisher November 8, 2009
Eye popping,tongue dragging, white knuckle, pipe flaming fun!
Mark McBride November 8, 2009
Reminds of this cartoon that was on the Cartoon Network called Courage the Cowardly Dog. There was this episode entitled "Hot Head." Whenever the owner of that dog got angry in that episode his eyes would pop out like that. Halarious. You can go over to youtube or google the video to view it.
Steve Wacksman November 9, 2009
A fantastic interpretation, Doug. I'm all over this one. Several Drawgers inc JD King, Mark Fisher and me all took a stab at the King of the Hotroddin' Rats back in Oct of '06. If you're so inclined it's there for the viewing.
Doug Fraser November 9, 2009
Mark, bald guys get no respect. Steve, I checked em' out. Aw! Mr. Roth cast a big shadow. Your's was a sweet piece, and Mark dealt with the King! Wow! I'm humbled. JD King does throw the Moon Eyes in as well.
Zina November 9, 2009
Absolutely fantastic, Doug.
J.D. King November 9, 2009
" opportunity to pay homage to the memory of Big Daddy. My apologies..." NO apologies necessary! Big Daddy would dig, NO doubt!
Victor Juhasz November 9, 2009
No apologies warranted. This is a fun image and brings back memories.
GregM November 9, 2009
Paul Rogers November 9, 2009
Robert Saunders November 9, 2009
This image is great, in the tradition of Big Daddy, and near to my heart. I was a Stanley Mouse fan and copied his style, going so far as to buy an airbrush and rent a compressor—which I carried home on the bus and couldn't even get to work, thus discouraging an early airbrush career. No matter, I switched to pencil and paper and churned out drawings of crazed monsters driving Pontiac GTOs with blowers, many in math class.
Mark McBride November 9, 2009
I take you have seen the cartoon. Belive me Doug, I know, my son teases me all time. "Baldy" or Bald Head!" he shouts. Nice piece you did there too by the way.
Chris Whetzel November 10, 2009
Ha ha! This is bringing back the memories. My dad used to have lots of "hot rod" magazines and such. I definitely recall seeing lots of Big Daddy's work. I think most boys at that time were so into that imagery. Great throwback, Doug.
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