Golden Pump
posted: February 24, 2010
Had a holiday break for a spell in late January. After that in February I've been working on several charity based projects lately. Still one to go, and a couple of illustration assignments. The one I'm posting is for the St Louis AIGA chapter, and the American Heart Association. The Heart, one of those two special organs. I leave the second to your choice. I've painted the heart a couple of times before, and wanted to try push another direction. This painting is oils on wooden panel, with gold leaf on the sides/edges. The heart is supposedly the seat of love, maybe it's the love of life. Hope yours keeps pumping.
My pencil sketch for my new heart....
The Golden Pump - Oils on wooden panel....
Gold leaf on the sides....
Leo Espinosa February 24, 2010
Coolest heart I've ever seen, Doug. The glossy finish and the gold leaf are just perfect.
Paul Rogers February 24, 2010
Great! Looks like an engine part.
GregM February 24, 2010
I love this!! Is that a candy apple finish?
Harry February 24, 2010
I WANT that painting! You've pushed the imagery just to the edge of recognition, but you know what it is immediately. nice surfaces. Hybrid heart-fuel pump, same thing right?
Alex Nabaum February 24, 2010
Cool! That's one big bore heart.
Zina February 25, 2010
I totally dig this.
Mark McBride February 25, 2010
Welcome back Doug! I missed ya! I hope that all of hearts keep ticking a little while longer. That is one cool looking heart, it jumps right off the page.
Mark Gervais February 26, 2010
Really, really awesome work. That should be hanging in the MOMA right now. I'm sure if you were so inclined you could paint a picture of the world's coolest looking liver too.
Chris Pitzer March 1, 2010
Yes! Glad to have you back posting. Hearts away!
Simone Zahradka June 2, 2010
Hi Doug, Mark just pointed me here via FB. Nice to see lots of juicy new work! You're making Illustrator look super-fresh. Extracted the heart of a Fernand Leger character here ?;)
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