Douglas Fraser


MARCH 5, 2010

As a follow-up to a previous assignment from Motor Trend magazine, about an evolutionary process, I was asked to do another one about the popular sedan. From a '49 Chev, '55 Chev, '66 Impala(Chev), '76 Cutlass(Olds), '82 Escort(Ford), to a '89 Taurus(Ford). The art director Andy Foster thought keeping the feel of the previous evo illustration was the way to go. It's kind of like playing with little metal cars as when I was a kid. Definite nostalgia. Well it's in the March issue, on newsstands now.

1/3 of spread art
2/3 of spread art
3/3 of spread art
Full spread
Previous spread on the evolution of the diesel.
Topical: Editorial