posted: May 30, 2017
I returned to the subject of a bridge recently. It was again on highway #3, the Crowsnest Pass through southern British Columbia. The orange of the structure is what drew me in, as did the graphics of the signage. I find the graphic orange colour & structure acts as a bridge between the two dimensional nature of the signage and the environment. The bridge is both subject and a link for me.
Ryan Bridge - oils on panel, 19 x 14.25 inches...

My inspiration for working on the Suzuki motorcycle piece titled “Gixxer” is from model kit box art, and the love of process. In developing my drawing for the final art I have been frustrated at times with the drawing process being lost under the painting. The thinking and construction lines are a layer of record that can add a depth. I’ve used an approach in constructing my own panels for years in this piece. It’s a laminated panel that layers-in my original drawing with a top coat to seal the drawing. In painting colour I want to capture the drawing and painting in equal parts.
Gixxer - oils on panel, 24.25 x 18.75 inches...

Pencil drawing - graphite...

Panel constructed - painting started...

Rob Dunlavey May 30, 2017
Love your faithfulness here. Steady as she goes.
THIBEAULT June 1, 2017
These are stunning, I am very jealous.
Mark Fisher June 16, 2017
Such wonderful little details of texture, color and shapes in the bridge painting.
All images copyright Douglas Fraser