Douglas Fraser



DECEMBER 12, 2019
Choppers - oils on panel, 10.5 x 14 inches
Choppers - early stage

Dusty Belle

OCTOBER 4, 2019

A debutante of the past. Her chipped nose, missing flowers and spotted gown symbolize the fall we take with age. Her patina is what drew me to her. The early youthful naiveté under a layer of experience. She is that enduring belle of the dust to which we all shall return.

Dusty Belle - oils on canvas - 50 x 41 inches
Dusty Belle - Base Sketch
Dusty Bell - Detail

As Is

MARCH 19, 2019
As Is - oils on panel, 24 x 21.25 inches

While waiting in a local thrift store I saw this little chipped fellow waiting for another shelf to collect dust on. The sticker with a wax crayon note said it all for me.

As Is - Frame front
As Is - Frame back

Boxed Energy

JANUARY 20, 2019
oils on panel, 21 x 16 inches

Starting 2019 with a nod to some public power.