Douglas Fraser

Roll 2009

JANUARY 6, 2009

Well it's a New Year! Roll up those sleeves. There has been a few constants in the subject matter I've dealt with. One being the rolled up sleeve. A rolled up sleeve usually arrives when fashion takes a backseat to getting down to work. Of course there is the image of a politician with rolled up sleeves, and then we're back to empty fashion. A car sales person rolling up their sleeves , and telling you how " They're goin' ta help ya' "usually means you're going to be bowl-legged in the end. A Customs Officer rolling sleeves is not a good thing either. One can roll up your sleeves consciously, and neatly. There is also the more rushed and less groomed approach. The rolling of sleeves to the mid fore arm is more a management thing. Rolling up to the elbow, or more is real work. The end result is usually a statement about a tone of candor. The rolled up sleeve on different individuals says something unique in it's own way. What the person is wearing, and the back drop is very important in the overall visual statement. A white collar worker rolling sleeves up can feel more staged than a blue collar worker. Then there's the "collar" as subject for another time. The main point is it's 2009! Roll up those sleeves.

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